SSB Creator Takes His Hat Off for Spider-Man & RDR2, Says It's Hard to Make Games Like That in Japan

Super Smash Bros. and Kirby creator Masahiro Sakurai figuratively took his hat off for the sheer scale and detail in Marvel's Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption 2.

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ccgr7d ago

It's been a great year for gaming

Orionsangel7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

It'll never get better than this. Sure will still have a few good release coming our way, but we won't have so many great games out at once in a year. I think 2018 was the peak for this gen. Now begin the declining years for this gen and focus on the next gen consoles, PS5 and XboxTwo or whatever they'll call it.

Atom6667d ago

I don't know, 2019 is looking pretty spectacular.

Flewid6387d ago

This year was awesome, but it still doesnt match the sheer number of quality games we got in 2017.

King_Noctis7d ago

Next year we’ll (most likely) have games like TLoU II, Ghost of Tsushima, KH 3, Sekiro, Gears 5, Metro, Animal Crossing, Bayonetta 3, Metriod, and mainline Pokemon.

I’ll say next year is looking better and better than this year.

Neonridr7d ago

just as others should recognize how hard it is for Sakurai to consistently do what he does.

KaiPow7d ago

Japan has certainly tried their hand at AAA open world games but I'd love to see a studio like Capcom or Nintendo make something truly next gen for the next consoles.

Alexious7d ago

I guess arguably the closest they've been able to do is Metal Gear Solid V. It will be interesting to see what kind of open world game Death Stranding really is.

Akarogg 7d ago

No that's a bad open world, Botw is much better.

DJK1NG_Gaming7d ago

Zelda Breath of the Wild already did a superb open world

King_Noctis7d ago

You are right. The weather system in BOTW is awesome.

You should be “lol” at yourself man.

Jackhass7d ago

Too bad neither are on Nintendo systems. Spider-Man or RDR2 characters in Smash would certainly be...interesting.

EddieNX 7d ago

Arthur Morgan in Smash Bros XD !!!!

King_Noctis7d ago

Spiderman would be great. But I’m not so sure about Arthur.

EddieNX 7d ago

BOTW is much better than the vast majority of western open world games imo.

Concertoine7d ago

Id agree, as im not a fan of far cry, AC, etc.

Also, i never had a dull moment in BotW. Basically had to force myself to put the game down. RDR2 is my favorite game this year, and i love it, but there was definitely moments where it tested my attention span.

Overrall though its hard to compare those two games because they both succeed at vastly different things.

EddieNX 7d ago

I love RDR2 but I don't think it's consumed me the same way BOTW did. BOTW gameplay is a lot more seamless and enjoyable. RDR2 is more detailed and cinematic.

Razzer7d ago

Disagree. I forced myself to put in 80 hours before I finally gave up in frustration. The shrines were fun, but I just didn't have fun in the world itself. The game just isn't for me.

EddieNX 7d ago

That's cool , but there are millions of people who agree with me.

BOTW is an open world masterclass , the gameplay is fast, telepathic and seamless whereas RDR2 is frustrating and cumbersome.

Nyxus7d ago

I did beat the game but there were certainly times I had to force myself to continue, like you said. I didn't really like the shrines because they were all so similar, it got boring fast. I also think there were some annoying gameplay mechanics in the game such as having to unequal all your metal items if there is a thunderstorm, and especially not being able to climb when it's raining. That got old really fast.

Razzer7d ago


I certainly know that my opinion is in the minority but millions agreeing with you doesn't mean anything when we are expressing personal opinions. I'm sure millions disagree with you about RDR2 but that doesn't change the fact that you found it "frustrating and cumbersome". BOTW, for me, isn't masterclass in anything and I desperately wanted the game to be as good as everyone said it was, but it simply wasn't it. Millions disagreeing isn't going to change that.


There were several annoyances in BOTW, mainly design choices like you mentioned and the disposable weapons mechanic. I gave up when I could find gear that resisted fire and I kept dying going into the volcanic area (forgot the name). The shrines were the only thing I enjoyed, but they were not enough to keep me interested.

Nyxus7d ago

@ Razzer: Yeah the disposable weapons could also get annoying. For me there also wasn't really a sense of urgency, the story was a bit too minimal (it felt like everything happened 100 years ago) and I would have liked a little more guidance. Exploration and freedom are nice of course, but sometimes I just had no idea what the hell I was supposed to do and where I was supposed to go.

Realms7d ago

@ EddieNX

Not everyone feels like you do about BoTW just leave it at that, just because he has a different opinion than most people doesn't make him wrong it's just his opinion one I share IMO BoTW wasn't as revolutionary or ground breaking as many people claimed it was.

Atom6667d ago

Wait, what? You put in 80 hours and concluded that the game wasn't for you?

I adored BotW, but even I don't have 80 hours in it. Maybe 40.

Razzer7d ago

You think it is odd that I put 80 hours into a game that some have called the greatest of all time before I gave up on it? Really? It is an open world game and I truly WANTED to love it. Yes....I wish I had my 80 hours back.

Atom6667d ago

"Odd" is one word I'd use to describe it.

"Bullshit" is another.

Razzer7d ago

It isn't bullshit at all and you have no basis for saying that. You just don't like my opinion. Somehow my dislike of the game has hurt your overly sensitive feelings. Oh well.

Atom6666d ago

Lol. Nah, it's bullshit and we both know it.

Razzer6d ago

No, actually only one of us know anything about how much time I put into BOTW. Me. 80 hours. I have no idea what your problem is but I'm trying not to spend too much time discussing pointless crap with idiots. So bye.

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Nyxus7d ago

@ EddieNX: I'm not saying BotW isn't a good game, I liked it and it was in my top 5 favorite games from 2017. But personally I had more fun with some other titles that year, such as Horizon and Persona 5. I had some issues with Zelda, but I quite liked it despite those, although I do hope they will improve upon it in the next installment.

Silly gameAr7d ago

First game I got when I had my Switch, and I couldn't even finish before I gave it away. I couldn't get into it. My little cousin loves it though. Different strokes I guess.

King_Noctis7d ago

I do agree. This gen only a handful of western open world games were genuinely good (at least for me) such as HZD, FH4, RDR2, and my most favourite The Witcher 3.

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