Valve's latest game Artifact has lost 60% of players in 1st week

When Valve release a game it's generally a big deal. Creators of Steam, Half Life and DOTA, the firm tend to make hugely popular products. Valve's latest game, Artifact, launched a week ago today, but has unfortunately already seen a drop in playerbase of almost 60%.

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-Foxtrot4d ago


Nobody wanted this shit from Valve, maybe this slap in the face will wake them up so they can start producing sequels to the great games they once made which audiences got them to where they are today.

SheenuTheLegend3d ago

thank god it failed. i wish the same had happened to xbox live paid subscription but sadly people adopted the idea and now all consoles have paid online.

Relientk774d ago

Wait you're telling me that Artifact is not the next big game? Like no way

King_Noctis3d ago

There is no way they can compete with Hearthstone.

winter_hill4d ago

Hey you fat bastard, HL3 or GTFO.

TheColbertinator4d ago

Not interested in whatever this game is. If Valve gave us Left 4 Dead 3 or Team Fortress 3 we'd all be a lot happier.

King_Noctis3d ago

Almost all of Valve games stop at number 2. Lead 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Half Life 2, Portal 2, and DOTA 2. Its like they hate the number 3 or something.

TheColbertinator3d ago

Or at least a new ass kicking IP. Anything is better than this treatment.

Also a third Counter Strike.

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