Free Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trial Available Now on All Platforms

Square Enix announced the availability of a free Shadow of the Tomb Raider trial on all platforms. You can retain your progress if you buy it.

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bangoskank7d ago

I'm currently playing this. Great game. I cannot understand the negativity it's attracting from many critics and gamers. This game deserves a chance. Keep this iteration of the series alive.

obidanshinobi7d ago

A lot of the gaming press seemed to give this game an unfair time.
Either Lara wasn't the Lara they wanted her to be, or she killed too many people, or her personal journey didn't relate to them or whatever BS excuses they made for not liking it. I read a few complaints that Lara didn't duel wield pistols like she did in the original games. Do you know how hard it is to fire two pistols like that accurately? it's pointless and would only ever be used as suppressive fire to move closer to your target, kinda like what Jack Bauer does at the end of 24 season 1 when he's advancing on the docks towards the Drazens.
Also with it releasing a week after Spiderman a lot of journos seemed to pitch them against each other like they were rivals or something, they would only promote one game, Spiderman, whilst crapping on SoTR. Like saying "don't buy this, buy this instead". Two good games can co-exist happily in the same market space, but that's not an interesting story for journos, there needs to be a good and a bad side, one to root for, and one to shit on.
Completely childish and unprofessional of them of course but that's how it appeared to me.
I've not played SoTR yet, plan to get it on the cheap, but I've played Spiderman and I think it's fantastic, my GOTY behind RDR2.

TheEnigma3137d ago

I think it released to fast after rise of the tomb raider.

qalpha7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

It is a very good game, but it is a step down from "Rise". The combat in Shadow is much worse. Previously, the combat was stealth-oriented. Lara would sit in the treetops and snipe, or jump down on a lone sentry for a stealth kill. There is still some of that in Shadow but it is mostly Lara standing behind cover while waves of enemies rush her position. It feels more like playing Rambo than Tomb Raider. Fortunately, there isn't much combat. But that brings up the second big problem with Shadow. Almost all of the skill points are combat related, and combat is only about 5%-10% of the game.

starchild7d ago

Not for me me. It's a big improvement over Rise of the Tomb Raider to me. Rise was actually the weakest game in the reboot series in my opinion.

Profchaos7d ago

I think I used more stealth in shadow than rise I thought rise was to focused on combat it failed to get exploration right

Casepb7d ago

Oh wow talk about a desperate move.

timotim7d ago

How is it desperate to release a demo? You don't even sound right.

Ultr7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

lol. Now a demo is a desperate move. I have seen everything now xD hahahaha

maybe this was a sarcastic comment, then...oh well...hope so :P

spicelicka7d ago

It wasn't sarcastic it was stupid