EDGE #327 review scores

This month’s EDGE review scores include Smash Bros. Ultimate, Fallout 76, and more.

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Geobros9d ago

9 For Smash is a great score by Edge!!

nommers7d ago

The score sounds about right for that game, but they gave the same score to shadow of the tomb raider, a fully functional and fun game, so they can jump off their edge already with that bull ****.

Relientk779d ago

I didn't even know Edge could count to 9.

badz1497d ago

For Nintendo, they would count to 11

Nyxus8d ago

9 for both Smash and Tetris Effect, nice.

TheColbertinator7d ago

Smash is killing it. Having Joker join is a bonus

Kikutaro7d ago

A port deserves a 5 at best, what the hell are they smoking? Edge is Nintendo bs as usual