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Destructoid: "I've used phrases that evoke the monumental achievement that is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate a few times in this review and I can assure you it's not hyperbolic. Despite that a lot of the old content isn't as hard-hitting the second, third, fourth, or even fifth time around, the fact that it's all here, and in a manageable file size, is more than enough. After this (and Geno/Waluigi DLC) Sakurai can rest easy."

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michellelynn0976194d ago

Tomorrow can't get here fast enough.

Neonridr194d ago

now if only I can actually count on my postal service delivering this game on time :P

Gemmol193d ago

Go all digital like me

Neonridr193d ago

@Gemmol - I go digital on some purchases, but I ordered the special edition of Smash with the controller, so I am sort of at the mercy of the system now :P

Valkron1193d ago

I got the controllers last month from Best Buy. Now just counting down until digital unlocks :)

jagermaster619193d ago

I only go digital on Indies for the switch, the cartridges actually mean something for this console since you don't have to download the whole game just to play it. Much better bang for your buck!

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EddieNX 194d ago

It seems like the best fighting game ever made by a million miles. Guess I'll find out tomorrow!

Ricegum193d ago

Wow. Calm down. The game will be good, let's just leave it at that.

jagermaster619193d ago

Aw I'm sure PlayStation has good fighting games too!