“Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof VR” is coming to PSVR on December 7th

Wild West-loving PSVR players around the world can finally get their hands on GUNS’N’STORIES: BULLETPROOF VR as MIROWIN Studio announces that their PSVR version will be available from December 7 on PlayStation Store in the Americas region and in 4 days in Europe - on December 11.

Apocalypse Shadow4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Looks like another wave shooter. Already got fun games like space pirate trainer, Brookhaven, etc. But if it ends up being fun like the others with the western theme, I might pick it up too.

Wish I had a realistic game in western environments and tough like In Death is. But with a story and more realistic characters like in batman vr. With gun fights, shootouts in a saloon, trains, etc. With great atmosphere like Gunsmoke or The Rifleman.

TGG_overlord4d ago

I hear you, but I still feel like the game is worthy of a try at least.

chris2354d ago

nice!! looking forward to. but yeah the wave shooter mechanic is a bit tired by now.

TGG_overlord3d ago

I hope that you will like the game if you end up getting it =)

Jackhass3d ago

Looks like a good, simple VR experience.