Hands On Phoenix Point – The Next Game From X-COM's Creator (TSA)

TSA writes: "Crowdfunding is always a bit of a crapshoot. Some absolute delights have been born from Kickstarter and its peers, but so many others have ended up as terrible piles of horse manure – cough Mighty No. 9 cough. It’s with those thoughts, I tentatively approached Phoenix Point, an XCOM style turn based strategy brought to us by the creator of the original X-COM (when it still had a hyphen), Julian Gollop."

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gangsta_red48d ago

This will also be day one on Game Pass when released to consoles.

agent453248d ago

Is an rts game which means very few or not at all that is coming to console. This one is definitely a PC exclusive

gangsta_red48d ago

I must have read "coming to Xbox One and Game Pass" all wrong then.

48d ago