Game Focus: NBA 2K9 Review

Game Focus writes: "As every basketball gamer aficionado will tell you: if you want the real thing, get to the program and buy a basketball game from the NBA 2K series. Even if last year's game wasn't as good as 2K6 and 2K7, 2K is definitely back on the track with NBA 2K9, an impressive effort not quite perfect but still the way to go in terms of realism. With less than 48 hours before the NBA season opener, here's our review for NBA 2K9."


+ Excellent gameplay mechanics
+ Great textures, player models and lighting
+ Living rosters and 5 vs. 5 online are great additions
+ New and smooth signature player animations
+ Crowd and arena ambiance is great
+ Solid overall presentation
+ Basketball IQ well represented thanks to a great A.I system
+ Lock-On Defense and Shot Stick greatly improved


- Controls can be daunting for the less experienced or newcomers to the franchise
- Commentary is good but not great
- The game has been speed up and feels weird
- Lag and connection drops during 5 vs. 5 Online Team Play

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