10 Games We're Dying To Have Sequels For

Every now and then the gaming industry experiences a new IP that sets itself apart from the rest of the herd. We've seen plenty of top-tier titles make their blip in the video game historical timeline, but there are some that we hope will continue onward in the form a sequel.

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Hardiman8d ago

Yeah definitely looking forward to sequels for Bloodborne,HZD, GOW and Spider-Man! Those are the ones we know are coming. Well Bloodborne not so much but with it being a favorite you have to think it's a no brainer at this point! I'd also love to see Sunset Overdrive get a worthy sequel but with M$ owning the IP it'll never make it to the PlayStation, where I believe it'd be supported well. Also Folklore 2 would be so welcome! Man I haven't thought of it in a long time.

ninsigma7d ago

Insomniac own the ip so there's hope for it to go to ps at some point. Maybe they had a deal for it to never go to ps but a sequal certainly can.

Hardiman7d ago

Really, well that's great! I had it the other way around. I imagine Insomniac will be focused on Spider-Man for quite some time but maybe someday.

ninsigma7d ago

Yeah I'd imagine spiderman is their focus for the time being but I would absolutely love for them to make a sequal for SSO at some point. Terribly underrated game!

Nacho_Z7d ago

I've always wanted modern sequels to Split Second and Modnation, two of my favourite racing games ever.

Hollow Knight and Salt and Sanctuary are another two sequels I'd love to see. I'm a bit conflicted on Bloodborne 2 because sometimes works of art like that should stand alone. I certainly won't complain about it if it happens though don't get me wrong and if they felt they could do it justice I'd be all for it. Just wouldn't want them to force out sequels if their heart was in new IPs.

Rangerman12087d ago

I'm surprised someone actually remembers 3D dot game heroes and Folklore.