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Tristan of RGN writes, "Rockstar Games is finally back after last releasing Grand Theft Auto V in 2013. Red Dead Redemption 2 is the prequel to one of the last generation’s best games, Red Dead Redemption. Taking place in 1899 at the tail end of the age of the wild west, the end of the age of outlaws, players take on the role of Arthur Morgan, one of the gang’s longest running members. Arthur finds himself on the run from the law, other gangs, and is unsure of the situation he is in. Throughout his journey, and your journey, Arthur just may find himself on the road to redemption. Society and civilization versus the wild west and its infamous outlaws, a tale so old it can almost write itself…"

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Kingthrash3601755d ago

A perfect 10?
Online issues
Combat issues
Traversal issues (fast travel)
But a perfect 10?
A 9 easy....a 10...naw brah perfect is perfect

ElementX1755d ago

I agree. The game isn't perfect by any means.

Hitman07691755d ago

Online game isn't included in this review. We found no "combat issues" nor "traversal issues" but we understand there are a vast amount of casual gamers who dislike the game. Regardless, the Final Verdict states that no game is perfect but Red Dead Redemption 2 is as close as you can get. Maybe next time actually read a review you would like to provide criticism for. And hey, feel free 2 disagree!

Elwenil1755d ago

Way to sneak the juvenile insult in there. Welcome to the blacklist.

FullmetalRoyale1755d ago

That’s probably going to cost you. People don’t forget here. I’d walk that back, if I were you.


Report: Red Dead Redemption 2 PS5 and Xbox Series Versions Leaked by FTC Court Documents

Gamers might be able to expect a Red Dead Redemption 2 PS5 and Xbox Series version according to the latest leaked FTC court documents.

jeromeface6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

hopefully my og ps4 disk version gets upgraded to the ps5 version for free

neutralgamer19925d ago

Free hahah

It’s take two R*. They are charging $50 for a port so forget about anything free. Hopefully there is a $10 upgrade option and we aren’t forced to pay full price

jznrpg5d ago

That would be ideal but I doubt it highly

RaidenBlack5d ago

Good news .... but would've preferred RDR1 Remake even more

anast5d ago

R* is known for their generosity.

barom5d ago

Yeah no hope for "free" but maybe upgrade fee? GTA V was $10 on PS5. Doubt RDR2 would be that cheap but one can hope.

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Snookies126d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Awesome to hear! I stopped playing my PS4 copy early on, because I really wanted to get it on PC with smoother frame rate and better resolution. I felt like this was the type of game that needed to be experienced at 60+ FPS and 1440p or 4k resolution. It's the same reason I stopped playing Ghost of Tsushima on PS4 after playing a bit of it on a friend's PS5... The game was just too good not to play it with enhanced frames/resolution.

Unfortunately, I'd heard that the PC version of RDR 2 had a lot of issues. Not sure if t hat was ever resolved or how well it runs on PC these days. However, RDR 2 has one of the most (if not the most) impressive open worlds I've ever seen in a game. The amount of detail and variety is insane. Can't wait to pick this back up sometime in the future!

ActualWhiteMan5d ago

Runs great on PC. And yes it’s a whole different game from the PS4/XBOX version.

-Foxtrot5d ago

If they do this I want some quality of life improvements, the little things that made RDR2 annoying sometimes when playing.

Even super small things like not being able to go at normal walking/running speed at a camp, some missions where you are stuck going the same slow pace as the NPC you're with or having a load out then getting off your horse to see you haven't got them anymore and need to retrieve them from the horse.

Aloymetal5d ago

'' having a load out then getting off your horse to see you haven't got them anymore and need to retrieve them from the horse.''
For me, that was the most annoying thing in this game. I hope they fix that somehow but I'm not too optimistic.
Great game non the less and Fingers crossed because this game deserves the HD and framerate update.

lucasnooker5d ago

I find it hilarious Xbox spent all this money and all of their future plans got leaked. They must be so pissed! 😂

DarkZane5d ago

Maybe they should hire someone who can upload pdf and emails properly if they don't want that to happen.

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Xbox backwards compatibility sends old Call of Duty games back into the Top Five | UK Monthly Charts

GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 leap up due to summer sales

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shadowT43d ago

Xbox $70 billion bet paid out

fr0sty42d ago

Guess that's what happens when there's no good new games to play...

4Sh0w42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Well regardless of exclusives, or whatever else there is to play on Xbox or ps, CoD has has still been the top selling game on ps platform since forever also.....so no surprise that the most popular game franchise on any console could easily have a revival due to servers coming back online...this is just credit to xbox backwards compatibility & thats good thing for Xbox gamers.

wiz719142d ago

@Frosty orrrr maybe it’s a breath of fresh air to be able to go back to the peak of the series .. and it’s beem great lol