PlayStation's Shawn Layden will be at The Game Awards tomorrow night

Geoff Keighley: "Excited to have Shawn Layden from PlayStation with us tomorrow night for video game's biggest night The Game Awards Don't miss the livestream starting at 8:30 PM ET / 5:30 PM PT."

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NarutoFox8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

First a news article on Phil Spencer going to the show and now one on Shawn Layden. Maybe Batman will also be at the show tomorrow night.

jakiah668d ago

On the stage....damn there must be an annocement coming.

Eonjay8d ago


Not necessarily. Last year Phil Spencer was there and asked to present an award: funny enough the award won by Cuphead. Shawn could be there presenting as well. I'm actually more interested to see if they pull what they did last year and have Shawn present SSMS GOTY for God of War.

darthv728d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Maybe people should check out the game awards site. The advisory board members include phil, reggie and shawn (to name a few) so seeing them at the show should be no surprise.

DevilHunterDante8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

@Septic im sure you said the same thing about Phil Spencer

Septic8d ago

"@Septic im sure you didnt say the same thing about Phil Spencer did you?"


NarutoFox8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

@darthv72 you're right sir

ILostMyMind7d ago

No. We need an article saying Reggie will be at The Game Awards.

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gravedigger7d ago

Probably because Crash Team Racing announcement.

Relientk778d ago

Cool, wonder if Sony will announce anything or show off a trailer or 2

THC CELL8d ago

Hope mm gives a dreams beta release

Eonjay8d ago

Oh I would be so much into that.

Elda8d ago

Announcement of the beta releasing that night would be fab!

KickSpinFilter7d ago

I’m so worried about Dreams...It might be a game I never awake from! It just looks really addicting for the creative types like myself.

Veneno8d ago

I think Jack Tretton was cooler.

TheDreamCorridor8d ago

Can we please have a PlayStation All-Stars sequel?