Bless Unleashed Dev Says Xbox One X GPU Is ‘Marvellous’, Explains Why Game Is Not Coming To PS4

Both versions were difficult to develop together, says Bless Unleashed dev.

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Tetsujin8d ago

Borderline clickbait. They say due to resources. You're welcome.

DerekTweed8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Title says they explain why and the reason is resources. how is that clickbait

Anyway, it will probably come to other platforms later.

lxeasy7d ago

I agree @derek This title isn't clickbait, it goes straight to the point.

rainslacker7d ago

"How is that clickbait"

Because it's gamingbolt, and instead of discussing the more important issue of why its not coming to PS4....which most people could probably fathom anyways, or didn't care because no one heard of the game...they decided to make a title which talked up MS awesome machine as something special. It's a two part title, with improperly connected topics to force the conclusion that the GPU is somehow responsible for it not coming to the PS4.

Pretty common tactic for defining click bait.

AAWELLS096d ago

Its only clickbait if its a positive Xbox article.

obidanshinobi7d ago

Clickbait? from Gamingbolt? Really?


jmetalhead778127d ago

It’s clickbait for overly sensitive children. It’s an article for normal adults

gangsta_red7d ago

Clickbait is the go to word when you don't like something someone is saying.

Cmv387d ago

Click bait because the way its worded makes it seem that the latter is affected by the former.

jmetalhead778127d ago

Let me put my nerd glasses on... oh, I see it now.

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Shikoku7d ago

While that is a good one I guess but hpw exactly is it a resource problem when both systems use the same architecture as PC?

rainslacker7d ago

They use different API's. However, depending on the engine, that may not make much difference depending on the game. Further, just writing the game in the engine doesn't mean that they can devote time or resources to testing each one.

Kribwalker7d ago

“Bless Unleashed Dev Says Xbox One X GPU Is ‘Marvellous’”

tell us something we didn’t know

rainslacker7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Ketchup leaves the bottle at a rate of 25 miles per year.

Daily dose of learning something new.

KukwesGaming7d ago

Everyone that has played Bless on PC says its atrocious

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The story is too old to be commented.