Farewell Sony: I'm Loyal to the Experience, Not the Platform

Hey Poor Player's Benny Carrillo writes: "For over the last ten years I've been an avid PlayStation gamer. But now, Sony thinks that it's time for a change when it comes to niche gaming. Turns out, I think so too."

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SpaceRanger730d ago

No kidding. I get being bothered by the censorship of the “intimacy” nonsense, if that’s their thing. But they could just easily play it on another console if it’s thag much of a bother. No longer playing on that platform because there’s censorship on intimacy is a little over dramatic in my opinion.

Nyxus730d ago

Yeah, why not buy those censored games on another platform, while still playing other PS4 games on the system? That would at least align with his vision to be 'loyal to the experience, not the platform'.

BVFTW730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

It's a matter of principles to some people, everyone's is entitled to have an opinion and is his right to follow his values and choose his own decision, heck he can even share his points of view and why he's doing that, I'm an old time born and rise 80s gamer, I've seen that every kind of censorship start small, like Nintendo in the 80s, they mandated the change of crosses for hearts on the churches in early final fantasy games 'cause religion, banned the name Hitler in Bionic commando 'cause sensibilities (even though nowadays is freaking cool to blow Nazis in games and call Nazi everyone who doesn't share some extreme political opinions), and ultimately those policies they enforced became so draconian that entire plots of games where changed (for the worst) and even the first Mortal Kombat was forced to be modified so it ended up releasing on the Snes without the freaking blood, Mortal Kombat!! Then, rival companies like Sega gave more freedom to developers and Nintendo pulled some strings to take them to court and all of this ended up backfiring and putting a stigmata on Nintendo's image for lots and lots of years. It's funny that the PlayStation brand began as the new cool kid in town aiming for adult gamers and niche gamers with one of the greatest catalogues in the history of gaming and now they are the ones getting behind in the times.

This is the worst part of the 90s all over again... I'm also planning to vote with my wallet and will buy used until I see this madness end before it gets worse, everything can be resolved with better parental controls and putting content controls in the hand of the users, Sony can just make a goddam option in the setting menu to hide adult content in the PSN market.

Eonjay730d ago

Quick vote: Who here puts a game in their PS4 (or any console for that matter) solely for the purposes of getting off? Don't be shy.

SpaceRanger730d ago

It has nothing to do with principles. They need to remember that these gamers are “niche” and that they don’t have the same influence on the market as larger communities. Doesn’t make it or them more right or wrong, but it’s the truth. If the company moves in that direction and 2% of their fanbase has an outcry, then it’s not a big deal. If it was a change that bothered 50% of the fanbase, of course it’s a big deal to them that will have influence for change.

As a side note on “principles”. Someone who gets off to a game with intimacy gameplay clearly has “principles” that don’t align with the vast majority of gamers.

BVFTW730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

Freedom of speech and not taking choices out of the hand of people nor deciding what is best for others is also a matter of principles, I may not share the same taste for otaku content as those guys but I'm against censorship, those games are for adults, and games like Last of Us 2 has strong content as well, not the same category, I know, but the game was promoted on a lot of public events and streams that kids watch so feeding the line of "think about the children" is hypocrite and is coming as a pitiful excuse. It's all about politics and enforcing control for some people, Dead or Alive is a franchise that has a lot of "fan service" and it's the center of political discussions every time it roses its ugly head off with changes to please the sensibilities of political nutjobs and all that bs while at the same time Tecmo puts on sale japan the special editions of the game has the "titties mouse pads" included.

I don't care if people get off with anime, games or freaking pans (I'm taking the "pan-sexual" angle to literal heights :D), but no one should take your right to choose what kind of content you consume, and giving the lame excuse that they do it for kids (in the days we have ESRB and parental controls) just to ban content that some of them don't like is plain wrong. One could say that enforcing their opinions and abusing of their power is how "they get off".

Muzikguy730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

This censorship thing is a bad idea on Sony’s part. I hope they’re listening

iofhua729d ago

Not everyone is Mr. Moneybags and get to have all the consoles each generation. This gen all I'm going to have is a Switch. I picked the Switch for two reasons: I like Nintendo IP and they are allowing mature content like Senran Kagura, Gal Gun, and others. I want the best bang for my buck and if I'm going to pick a platform I want a broad array of games to choose from.

If you're going to only have one console, you want the one which gives you a broad array of games to chose from so you get the best bang for your buck. Censoring games on your platform is a great way to shoot yourself in the foot.

I think this is going to have a substantial impact on sales this gen.

nodim729d ago (Edited 729d ago )

Because Intimacy nonsense is a tip of the iceberg. Sony now censors basically every second Japanese game, most during the development. Catherine will now be a shell of what it should have been, as "stealthily" confirmed by the developers. It's the literal start of the age of oppression, I'm not sure why anyone still harbours any goodwill towards Sony. Maybe they are just yet to see the sheer amount of the looming horror.

dumahim729d ago

Yeah. With the volume of Sony exclusives, I don't really see myself giving up on them, but I'm really hoping MS doesn't follow suit and I'll likely be more open to getting games on their system next-gen.

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HeavyM730d ago

I am against Sony's new censorship but I will not abandon the platform because of this, mainly because of the exclusive games, the only thing I will do is not to buy Japanese games on Sony platforms, I will leave them for Switch and PC .

trouble_bubble730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

Even that. Why hurt yourself? No one cares that Internet Stranger made an Internet Stand to not play Yakuza 6 until 2025, or Death Stranding ever.

These concern articles make me laugh. So he platinumed 16 weabo games this year and thinks he’s gonna do the same on that Xbox he posted a picture of? Good luck

neutralgamer1992730d ago

Some of those games won't come to pc or other platforms. This doesn't bother me they have to do what's right for their brand. This issue doesn't affect 98% of gamers so no company really cares about vocal 2%

In this day and age every company is trying to be politically correct because of backlash from media and loss of investers

RememberThe357729d ago

I don't go to Walmart because they don't have porn in their magazine OR Blu-ray section... Fascists...

notachance730d ago

weird thing is, if he's so fond of visual novel genre / niche anime games, why not go to PC in the first place?
It's the go-to platform for that kind of games: lots of fan translations for unlocalized games, "adult" patch readily available if you don't want any censorship, practically every VN's default platform..
Hell, I don't really identify as an "otaku" but seeing from his list, I've read many more VN than he does...

neutralgamer1992730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

Now a days people will complain about everything regardless of how much they care or don't care

gamer7804730d ago

funny, valve started that stance as well, you have to fight these practice when they rear their heads otherwise they try to make It the norm. Luckily on valves behalf there was backlash and they made the right decision. We can only hope that Sony does the same, regardless about the particular content being censored. Put an appropriate age range on it and don't belittle your audience into thinking a company knows what they should be playing.

Cobra951729d ago

I'm sure he does go to PC, or will in the future. He's making a point, a very valid one. Sony California are apparently the epicenter of the new global repression, even with games meant exclusively for Japan. (Read the article.) In other words, a Western entity is dictating what is and is not proper for Japanese developers to release in Japan.

gamer7804730d ago

I wouldn't say its extreme or not extreme, just someone's preference on what platforms to support. We all choose whether to mainly play on one platform or another, whether its friends, exclusives, graphics, types of games, policies, services, etc. His just happens to be a stance on censorship. I'm not a fan of censorship at all, and while it won't keep me from playing on playstation, it is encouraging me to buy a switch since its the one console I don't have. Sony will without a doubt lose out on some money because of this, how much that is in the grand scheme of things remains to be seen probably very little, at first at least.

rainslacker730d ago

The only other option for the affected games is PC or Switch. Xbox isn't going to get them, nor most of the other games which are Otaku based, but not prone to the censorship, and Switch wouldn't be my ideal place to play most of these games. I'm not into PC gaming enough to want to go through the effort of setting one up on my TV just for these titles. It's only on certain kinds of games with a lot of fan service and it seems like an extraordinary effort to just play them.

While I don't like the policies at all, this policy may affect me for one or two games a year as it appears right now. That isn't enough for me to swear off Sony. If it gets worse, then I'll reassess the situation. In the meantime though, I'll just buy the games affected by it on Switch. Not my preferred method, but I'm not going to give Sony the licensing money for games which they feel aren't appropriate for me, when I'm fine with the content the developer wants to put in them. I'll continue to criticize Sony over this policy though, because I don't like them going to this much extreme over a product I like, because of some kids somewhere that may happen to come across the game itself, nor do I wish games to be held to some global standard at the expense of the developer.

gamer7804730d ago

xbox is a bit of a different case, they have a hard time in Japan in general, and don't get many non-mainstream japanese games regardless of the content therein.

dumahim729d ago

I think it'd be interesting to see MS gain some traction there because of Sony's policy. Probably won't happen though since I'm guessing most devs would just go to the Switch instead.

Nintentional730d ago

I agree, especially if you’ve been gaming on the PS platform for 10 years. I could see if Sony did something extreme and incorporate DRM and have a lot of other anti consumer features a-la Xbox One initial reveal. But censoring some boobies is not enough for me to stop playing games I like on the platform I prefer.

I woulda stopped playing on Nintendo platforms years ago if that was the case 😂😂

Action GO FIGURE730d ago

One less Weaboo on the platform, nothing to worry about

ZeroX9876729d ago (Edited 729d ago )

the author clearly says that he won't stop buying playstation products, but all available multi-platforms games he'll buy them on other platforms than Sony's.

Just like when people bought mortal kombat on the Sega platform VS the SNES version back in the days because of the censorship.

Seeing the comment section, I'm always wondering "is anyone reading the articles or just the quick summary on n4g?"

nodim729d ago

If only extremely reasonable.

Christopher729d ago (Edited 729d ago )

Not at all. I've had my GM car demolished because they closed a plant, burnt my Nike $300 shoes because they use a person I don't like for market. This is just normal, every day reaction stuff. I'm 100% willing to go with a platform that won't half any of the games I'm playing over the one that does have them in spades. There's no such thing as just deciding to support one over the other when possible but still taking advantage of Sony products, it's all or nothing, Baby! /s

Oh, wait! He's not actually saying farewell at all? What a loser. I only vote for people who end relations with companies entirely and in 100% reasonable fashion of destroying everything they've ever purchased from them.

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AspiringProGenji730d ago

That makes no sense. It seems you were loyal to anime tities rather than “the experience” since there’s a lot to experience on PS4

Nyxus730d ago

Exactly. Why write off an entire platform? Makes no sense at all.

jojo319730d ago

he actually says he's NOT writing off the whole platform. He said he's going to keep playing exclusives on his PS4, but any multiplat games he will purchase on one of the other 3 platforms.

trouble_bubble730d ago

So in the end Sony’s still getting his money. Sounds like a stupid.

730d ago
gamer7804730d ago

he is still keeping his ps4, for its exclusives, others he will buy on other platforms, doesn't sound unreasonable to me given his feeling on Sony's new practices, "for the players"....

subtenko729d ago (Edited 729d ago )

it doesnt make sense. It makes sense that its nonsense...

make sense?

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SpineSaw730d ago

Ohh make no mistake it was all about the experience, the niche kiddie experience for this dude.
On another note.......I really don't care about the censorship change. But let's be honest. Sony see's the Pedo crowd making these kinda games their home and it's long past time to run them off so I got no issue with the move in fact I support it 100%. But that's me each to their own.

ninsigma730d ago

How can you say the "pedo crowd" should be run off and each to their own in the same sentence?? Saying a certain subsection of gamers aren't welcome is not letting each to their own.

Rachel_Alucard729d ago

Removing sex appeal from gaming has absolutely nothing to do with pedophilia. Are you looking at 1 series then ignorantly generalizing the whole sector?

SpineSaw729d ago


Chomos are never anything! These non-humans have moved into the genre and have been roosting for way to long. They must be rooted out and if that means changes need be made like what Sony is doing then so be it. And it is your right to not support what Sony is doing that's all fair and good. As for me I do support it but ""each to their own". And BTH calling a chomo a "gamer" is rich they don't count as human and can't posible be called a gamer. The chomos don't count on any level and must be pushed back to the Dark Web and into the depths of hell. But, I get it you may have feels for these folk....again each to their own.

RememberThe357729d ago

I don't even know what to do in these stories. I hear that Sony wants to ban porn games and I think, "cool, that's shit is weird anyway." Then I read the comments and supposedly the sky is falling and Sony is going to shepard in a new era of fascist propaganda.

Why not the same reaction to Netflix? Or really any other major distributor that has these same policies?

ninsigma729d ago

I honestly have no idea what chomo means😂
Going to go ahead and assume it's another word for pedo just purely because that's what you were calling people who play those games in your first post, apologies if that's incorrect.

So based on that assumption, I don't agree with just blanketing them all with that term because I don't think it's pedophilic tendencies that makes them enjoy those games. I would quicker believe them to have anti social tendencies as opposed pedophilia. I think actual pedofiles are more likely to be looking at real child porn rather than cartoons and even worse taking predatory actions against real children. If there's studies with data to show otherwise then fair enough but I don't think that's the case and I do think it's unfair to label people that way and to censor things that aren't illegal or hurting anybody.

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rainslacker730d ago

I think there will still be plenty of anime titles to experience on the PS platform. Sony isn't banning fan service altogether, just the stuff that takes it to more tantalizing visuals or more direct interaction on the part of the player.

While I don't agree with that in the least, it will likely affect less than 5% of the total anime titles out there, and a lot of stuff is already censored for western release as it is, because the publishers have been doing that for a while.

I've vehemently talked out against this issue, and have even gone to the extreme in how I've thought it might affect them, but my concern is that it will be used for any kind of fan service no matter how benign it may be. Dead or Alive for example could easily fall into these policies, although the newest release is apparently being toned down some. And some other examples exist as well, which I won't get into.

But despite all that, if one is going for the experience, then PS and Switch are really the only alternatives, and while I have no problem buying affected games on Switch out of principle....especially for the games which have features removed or are heavily censored....I know I'd miss out on a lot more by dropping PS from my collection of systems. A lot of those games may not come to Switch, and I'm not going to go through the trouble of putting a PC under my TV in order to play games that way, as PC's require too much nonsense to keep operating well.

BloodyBorne730d ago

And this censorship policy is taking away part of that experience. I don’t how you can be so loyal to a corporation that it would bother you that someone is disappointed with this new direction they are taking concerning the games that they enjoy...even if you don’t play them. Stop white knighting for a corporation.

AspiringProGenji730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

That’s funny you say that while most in this site can’t even prove if they play these games to be complaining in the first place. I understand why any fan would be upset about this

nodim729d ago

A lot of censored experience, you mean.

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italiangamer730d ago

Don't do drugs kid, or you will write stuff like this.

King_Noctis730d ago

Or you will comment without ever reading the article.

salmonade730d ago

I read it, article is pathetic and pure garbage. Actually embarrasses the writer. It trully is pathetic.

Dark_Overlord730d ago


Pathetic that the writer is taking a morale stand against ideological censorship? The people who willingly accept it are the most pathetic of all.

King_Noctis729d ago

Anything or anyone that go against Sony (whether warranted or not) is pathetic to most of the people here.

Phoenix76729d ago

Pathetic that the writer is taking a morale stand against ideological censorship?
He's blaming the effect, not the cause of his issue. By that I mean, Sony as a business want to sell these games, but they have to follow nation/regional laws in whatever country or state they are selling in. If he wants to blame anyone, it should be those who place restrictions down.

subtenko729d ago

People like me have enough experience on the internet to known BS when we get a whiff of it.

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moomoo319729d ago


Are you so debased from reality that you would call this article "a morale stand against ideological censorship". Are you aware of whats going on in the rest of the world? Or what a true morale stand against censorship will get you? Usually the death sentence or jail time. Not an N4G submission, moron

nodim729d ago

Sony do drugs kids or you won't care when Sony starts a cultural genocide.

l33t_haxx0r730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

You sound like a bellend, nobody cares about your emo crying.

Segata730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

I'm not agreeing with the article but your name and comment are straight out of 2004 in the worst way.

l33t_haxx0r730d ago

The world has gone to shit since 2004, people need to man the fuck up

Cobra951729d ago

Which is it, "man up" or slam somebody as emo for standing up against Sony's censorship? Can't have it both ways.

Mr_Luke730d ago

So the guy likes being a pervert and even if the game is good, he complains because his d**k won't be hard. Uhm... ok.

Eonjay730d ago

I'm actually surprised that can get someone hard. The thing is the games that appeared on Sony's platform NEVER compared to the real lewd PC games. So, I'm actually a little disturbed that this guys got of on Soft core fake kiddie porn.

Rachel_Alucard729d ago

You are ignorantly generalizing sex appeal being used in games and you have no useful insight on it and were probably biased before stepping foot in here.

ShockUltraslash729d ago

Im disturbed at the terrorists and mass shooters playing GTA and Red Ded.
Im scared when they start attacking schools and public places.

annoyedgamer729d ago

Sony fanboys really are delusional. Worse than apple fanboys apparently..

remixx116729d ago

Lol bro they ain't that bad damn!!