How Santa Monica Studios Nailed Exploration in God of War

A developer’s insight on how motivation, placement, and rewards are critical for designing worthwhile quests.

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AspiringProGenji49d ago

Great exploration with tons of rewards. They nailed it in my opinion as well

UltraNova48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Definitely. Its been a long long time since I've played a game where I was genuinely excited to explore away from the main story arc/path. GOW was the antidote to open-world "grindenaitis". Excellent world and side mission design.

italiangamer49d ago

The best thing for me was *SPOILER*

Mimir with his stories, it made the boat sections even better

UCForce49d ago

It’s kinda amaze me that this new God Of War make you care about the characters. In previous God Of War games, only few characters that we do care. And you right. Mimir is awesome.

Hardiman49d ago

I'd like if more devs to go this route as opposed to full open world in certain games. Some like Wild Hunt and HZD do it well but others just seem large for the sake of it and are pretty barren.

bluefox75549d ago

They nailed everything in that game, it's a mastercraft in game design.

Traecy49d ago

They nailed it & some!!!

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