DICE on BFV German War Story: It's Moving and Has Power; We're Not Letting Anyone off the Hook

DICE said that the German War Story added with Battlefield V's Overture update is moving and has power. They clarified it's not about letting anyone off the hook on the German side, far from it.

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codelyoko49d ago

I don't see any problem with it. It's not like every German was evil or something...

KaiPow49d ago

I'll have to grab the patch this weekend and check it out.

annoyedgamer49d ago

They still haven't explained why they changed the true stories by replacing men with women for the Norwegian commandos.

Eonjay49d ago

'True' lol.
Its probably because its a game and not a like for like historically accurate documentary.

aaronaton49d ago

Ok so where were the female characters in Battlefield 1942?

EazyC49d ago

Yeah but why? It's so arbitrary, something must have motivated them to bother

SilverDemon49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Then why didn't they make up their own story? Why taking a real one and change it?

Eonjay49d ago (Edited 49d ago )


None of it is real. Period. When I saw the initial trailer, the woman wasn't the thing jumping out at me telling me this isn't true to form. That is nothing compared to the unrealistic scenario they showed unfolding all around. The fact that a women is what caught your eyes as the most unrealistic thing is absurd. Real war wasn't like that for men either.

@Easy C 'Yeah but why?'
Because its a game. And games have creative directors and the directors got creative. And that is nothing compared to the other liberties they took. You found the smallest of changes to harp on.

nyu149d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I mean, it's a pretty realistic and authentic game in quite a few regards, and aims to tell a 'realistic', detailed story. Don't be surprised when people expect them to recreate some semblance of a WW2 theme. There is something called suspension of disbelief...

chrono120549d ago (Edited 49d ago )

But they said BF 5 "was" historicaly accurate.

Sgt_Slaughter49d ago

Can't say it's not supposed to be historically accurate when DICE themselves contradict what you just said. They created their own problem by flipping between realism and creating their own take on it.

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nyu149d ago

Was it just a few characters or was it a general group of soldiers ?

annoyedgamer49d ago

Its the main story. They changed the whole thing so it could center on a Mary Sue type character. There are other stories too, some centering on segregated unites consisting of Senegalese men, but those are not gender swapped.

Lighter949d ago

I bet that hook their talking about is prosthetic.

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The story is too old to be commented.