Does Sony Need to Make Another Handheld

Rumors are flying about Sony and a new system. Could there be a PSP and Vita successor? Does Sony even need to bother with handheld gaming anymore?

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Kurisu75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

If anything they'd be better of making a new version of their Xperia Play mobile. I had the original and I loved the concept, but it didn't take off. Smart phones have come a long way since then, and I'm sure they could pull something like this off. PS5 remote play, PS Store access etc.

sprinterboy75d ago

I recycled my old one, what a fucking idiot I was. Great phone, up there with my best phone ever.

Thunder_G0d_Bane75d ago

Loved the Xperia play wish it was supported! I had so many emulators and roms on it also, it was awesome!

Retroman75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

After all these years PsP 3000 still 249.00 on Amazon why ?? should be 50.00 now.

ChrisW75d ago

Nope... The PSP and PSVita failed for a reason

Tross75d ago

The PSP topped 80 million in sales. How is that a failure? The Vita could have done worse all things considered, but it definitely would have done much better had Sony not made two terrible decisions with it.

CaptainOmega76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

I think they need it to be called PSP2.

It needs:
Full PSP/VITA support.
Stronger AAA support than what the VITA had.
Non-Proprietarty memory drives.

ILostMyMind76d ago

Full compatibility with DualShock and PlayStation, if not 4 then 5.

Godmars29075d ago

Thin is "full" PSP support includes a dropped/discontinued disc format of relative low storage capacity.

Exari75d ago

and R2L2/R3L3, no bullshit front/back cameras, no rear touch, and with that it should have a reasonable price..

septemberindecember76d ago

Honestly, I think that each of the companies are better when they focus on one system. This way their developers are constantly providing new experiences on the one device instead of having gaps between releases on two devices.

Sony's handhelds are great consoles, but I think their home consoles are better. That's where I'd prefer they focus. The opposite goes for Nintendo, which is why I really like the Switch (sure, it's not just a handheld, but it fills that void).

If Sony were to make one I'd probably buy it though. I did really like the PSP. Square Enix supported the heck out of that system.

locomorales76d ago

I don't. The times are different. Games take a lot more money and time to made than 10 years ago.

If you look at the output of games of Nintendo and Sony with only one system (Switch and PS4) how it's possible to think that split that output can be good? Wii U suffered when Nintendo tried to develop HD games in paralel with 3DS games, and Vita had the same problem.

So, no. Focus on one system.

ILostMyMind76d ago

It is not need to split in two. Just make a portable and put all its games on their principal platform.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro75d ago

"Games take a lot more money and time to made than 10 years ago"

If that was true, indie games would not be a thing. Advancement in game engines etc. has made game development a lot cheaper and quicker.

Now, if you are talking about massive AAA games then yes, you might be correct.

EddieNX 76d ago

No. They basically dropped the support for the Vita as soon as it came out. Stick to what you do best.

remixx11675d ago

It's more in line with what loco said.

Focusing on more than one system in this day and age is difficult do to production time and cost Wii u suffered while 3ds thrived and PS Vita suffered while PS4 took off.

It's best to just capitalize on one aspect

Tross75d ago

@remixx116 That's because the respective companies behind each system just decided they didn't care about them. Since they went to all the trouble of releasing them they should have given them at least a portion of the support they give to the systems they favoured, as I think both systems could have done so much better had that support from their parent company been there. Granted, Nintendo did give more support to the Wii U than Sony gave to the Vita (although it sold even worse), but it was clear that they didn't care as much about it as they did the 3DS. Sony cared about the PSP and that's why it did as well as it did (it lost to the DS but well exceeded any non-Nintendo handheld that came before it in sales many times over), and as controversial as the Wii was in its day, Nintendo did care about it.

The actual moral of the story is companies should care about the systems they put out. You're right that they shouldn't put out systems if they aren't going to care as it's a commitment. But, if it's a commitment they see through it could pan out well for them.

Tross75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

@EddieNX But Sony can do handhelds really well too. They just didn't make all the right choices with the Vita, and it was stupid of them to drop support for the system right out of the gates.

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