WB Games Leaked Through SAG Database (New Scribblenauts, Project Diana, Project Saturn)

According to some WB Games Leaked via Screen Actors Guild Database we could potentially expect a new Wonder Woman game among other projects.

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DerekTweed662d ago (Edited 662d ago )

Apparently, most of these projects are already released, including Project Diana and scribblenauts.

So, although it is still possible, it is not an indication that they are working on a Wonder Woman game.

There was a 4chan rumour saying that they were and it would be revealed at the Games Awards.

However, it seems, Rocksteady and WB Montreal have both said something to the effect that they will not reveal anything at the Games Awards.

Let's see what happens

rainslacker662d ago

I'm fine with a wonder woman game. Character is actually pretty bad ass. I just hope they base it more off the comics than the movies. WW movie was actually quite good, but the actual woman doing her wondering thing wasn't really all that convincing during those scenes. Although that was probably more due to the artistic direction and effects of the film.

gangsta_red662d ago

I would definitely be down with a Wonder Woman game.