Fallout 76 PC and PS4 Review - AIR ENTERTAINMENT

Shaun M Jooste writes: "Fallout 76 offers an exhilarating online multiplayer experience for everyone that loved Fallout 4, with the option of running around the wasteland alone. While the game feels less like an extension to the series and more like an online version of Fallout 4, the game is nevertheless remarkable and enjoyable to play, especially with some good friends."

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Zeke6848d ago

Reading the score - all I thought was "check cleared"... ;)

GamingIVfun48d ago

The game is not terrible, but it was not ready for release. Should have been postponed or made an early access game.

Zeke6848d ago

Exactly, I think it was a real scam selling this pre-beta game for full price. As you said, they should have postponed and polished it up before releasing it.

48d ago
chris23548d ago

is this a satire blogpost?

philm8748d ago

After loving Mass Effect Andromeda I really can't trust the low score reviews, user or critics.