The Ashen Release Date for Xbox One Revealed

The Ashen release date for Xbox One revealed as releasing during December 2018, having its store page show up ahead of time.

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Switch4One1138d ago

I wonder if it'll be a Game Pass day one game.

Obscure_Observer1138d ago


Probably willl be day one on Game Pass since the game will be released exclusively on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

Seafort1138d ago

Should I remove the game from my Steam wishlist then? It has always been coming to Steam on PC. Steam does support Windows 10 so saying it's Windows 10 and Xbox One exclusive doesn't really mean much.

If you mean Windows Store and Xbox One exclusive then the developer would lose quite a lot sales from PC gamers who don't support Microsoft's Windows 10/Xbox Store.

Obscure_Observer1138d ago


I said Ashen will be released exclusive on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Even if you have a Steam account, you´ll still need a Windows 10 PC to play this game.

Kribwalker1138d ago

it’s confirmed day one gamepass back at E3

gangsta_red1138d ago

Got my X too. Just in time

timotim1138d ago

Hoping its HDR as well...will look pretty damn good on the OLED

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Obscure_Observer1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )



Vasto1138d ago

Another Day 1 Game Pass game.

Good game to close out an amazing 2018.

Kribwalker1138d ago

below is still due this year too i believe

mark_parch1138d ago

could be part of winter of arcade

Vasto1138d ago

I forgot all about that one.

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KillBill1138d ago

Right! I am totally enjoying 'Mutant Year Zero' which I had no idea was a Game Pass Day 1 option. Love it!!!

mark_parch1137d ago

I wish they would just stop releasing games for a few months so I can catch up lol. badly want to play ashen and below but I still haven't finished nier automata or even started tomb raider and spiderman

King_Noctis1138d ago

Awesome. Been looking forward to this one.


Yet another reason gamepass is the best deal in gaming imo. With spending so much on Xmas gifts and buying so many games in Oct it’s nice to be able to get games I wanted for a small monthly fee. Can’t wait to play!

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The story is too old to be commented.