Dead Space: Downfall Blu-ray Review

"For Dead Space gamers, the story of how Ishimura's crew are wiped out after an alien artifact is brought on board and subsequently turned into the very creatures that killed them plays perfectly into the game's introduction. The film's somber final note ends at the precise moment the game begins with the nightmare of many transferred to the life of one. "

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OGharryjoysticks4269d ago

Almost all blu-ray movies are on sale the week they are released. If you plan on buying the movie, do yourself a favor and get it while it's on sale.

The Matrix4269d ago

You know this movie is violent as brah.

thereapersson4269d ago

I haven't seen a game that has a story as well-done as Dead Space's in quite some time.

The Matrix4269d ago

Read: Last year, Bioshock.

ThanatosDMC4269d ago

Dead Space is just awesome. I compare it to RE2... but with Dino Crisis 2 item acquisition.

I'm gonna try Fallout 3... but im thinking of getting it for the PC rather than my PS3 and 360. Mainly for the mods... makes your wonder if they'll make a Monster Madness mod for it like in Oblivion. Or an Obscuro mod.

jkhan4269d ago

I watched it last night, it was pretty decent. Unfortunately it wasn't scary at all. But it gives a good back drop about Deadspace videogame. The story was decent enough to hold its own and the voice over was pretty solid.
Offtopic: I haven't seen a good horror movie in ages. Can anyone recommend something?

thereapersson4269d ago

I just recently saw Midnight Meat Train, though. It was okay, but the CG blood effects got a little lame. If you want a violent horror movie, check it out.

Twiky4269d ago

but if you haven't seen them I reccomend a few French one's:
-a L'interieur (Inside)
-Irréversible (quite old and not a horror one but it has the two most violent scenes I've seen in a movie...)
-(there's one that's set on a forest and the name is something like 'the cousins' or 'the sieblings' or something like that! that is quite nice too, sorry I see so many movies I don't remember them all!!)

Please reply if you like them!


anyone else enjoying this game as much as me ?

for me its right up there as one of my all time best games.

next gen starts when zero G is turned on !

and this shows a good horror game can be made with good controls for a change. it does not need to be frustrating to add tension to it ( they managed that with the lack of ammo. funny, i started the first few missions and thought there was ammo everywhere, this is going to be easy. as the game has got on, i am finding myself more and more struggling and running out faster and faster.

i think i may get this movie. the story is very well done and the way its presented.

Twiky4269d ago

But much, much more!!!

I'm with you mate, everything from the sound effects (when we're with low health or when we´re in vaccum for example) to the shadow's it's absolutly perfect for me!! I'm just in chapter 3 and hoping that it wont get worser!!

see ya


glad to hear i am not alone... and trust me.. it gets worse !

i still can't believe this is an EA game. but it just goes to show what dev's can do when you give them free reign and just let them be creative.

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