Until There Are NPCs Added, Fallout 76 Won't Feel Like Fallout

Andrew M writes: "Fallout 76 has faced a lot of criticism from fans since it released. And while a lot of the anger varies, many are most disappointed by the lack of NPCs."

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chris23576d ago (Edited 76d ago )

why do you still cry about no npc‘s? this game is not to continue the fallout lore . this game is a pure generic online experience where the focus lies on microtransactions and copy protection. blind brand loyalty can be really fatal and clouding one‘s vision.

McMahonme775d ago

Not sure you really get what I'm going for with my article here. You aren't wrong in the idea with either of your points, but this is about how Bethesda strays from the core values of Fallout for the purpose of putting out a cash grab.

TeamIcoFan76d ago

And until the bugs are fixed and bethesda adds a significant amount of content, it won't ever feel like a legitimately good game!

McMahonme775d ago

Well, bugs have always been Bethesda and Fallouts m.o though lol. But I don't disagree