Top Video Game Disappointments of 2018

2018 had some amazing games, but there were also a lot that let people down. These five games didn't live up to the hype. Let's take a moment to mourn the failures.

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DoctorOswin663d ago

Only one I don't agree with is Darksiders 3. It's got a lot of technical issues but overall, it's still a fun game to play.

NarutoFox663d ago

Fallout, Sea of Thieves, and Darksiders 3

drunkenspy007663d ago

another clickbait list. do yourself a favor and don't bother.

crrush662d ago

The absolute winner is Fallout 76. #1, #2 etc till #100 prolly
I'll save you some time - the rest of the list is a matter of taste

nodim659d ago

And still title of The Biggest Disappointment of 2018 definitely goes to Sony and its censorship practices.