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Community2050d ago
NarutoFox2050d ago

I expect them to develop even more studios before next generation

CaptainOmega2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

There is a ‘secret’ studio wokring on what is potentially the next Uncharted game. Besides that there isn’t much news for ‘new’ studios, nor is there an expectation that new ones are being made.

NarutoFox2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

After the success of Spider-man I wouldn't be surprised if they acquire Insomniac games down the road.

CaptainOmega2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

"I expect them to develop even more studios before next generation”
"After the success of Spider-man I wouldn't be surprised if they acquire Insomniac games down the road.”

Most conversations revolving this type of aquisition deals with IP ownership. Insomniac has been vocal that they want to own their IP’s and they want to remain independent. Idk if you can purchase a development studio while at the same type let them ‘keep’ their IP’s. They’ve had a healthy partnership with Sony for 30 years. Why spend millions of dollars on a company to solidfy exclusivity when the studio has no problems making exclusive games? It doesn’t make financial sense.

It makes more sense for Sony to purchase Quantic Dream.

NarutoFox2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )


They should have been purchase Quantic Dreams. That's long overdue

neutralgamer19922050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )


Wait till February-March 2019

Insomniac is already in they tried Ea and MS and own the IP's yet it got them no where. They come right back and ratchet became the best selling game in company's long history now being surpassed by Spiderman

Insomniac were given work on Spiderman for a very clear reason. Insomniac felt like Sony didn't treat their games right by not advertising due to them being not under world wide studios. That all changed with Shawn laydon had an very honest conversation.

Sony santa Monica studios have added another team so now they have total of 3

Nd have 2 teams and the new studio which was started to world on uncharted will be led by ND

Sony bend recently added another team so they have 2

Guerrilla games recently added another so they have 2

Sucker punch are in process of having a 2nd team

Sony could have bought any studio ms acquired. They instead felt like we can add more teams within our studios to keep the world wide culture of quality over quantity

Wait till reveal of Ps5 in early 2019 and Sony has major plans around E3(latest being they could have the PSX in New York city around June or July)

Ps5 will be coming out in 2nd week of November for $449. 11-12 TF with 16GB GDDR5 ram and recently it was decided that system will have separate ram do that whole 16GB will be available to developers

Ps4 controllers will work with Ps5 out of the box

As of right now there are more than 24 Sony world wide teams working on Ps5 titles

All ps4 games will work on Ps5 right out of the box with major graphical and performance improvements

Ps1-2 games will work on Ps5 by early to mid 2020

Ps3 is still giving Sony major issues so at launch might be difficult. There was talk of having the cell processor inside the Ps5 only to run ps3 games. Cell processor 2.0 which will make all ps3 games run and play better


Bloodborne 2 at launch with Ps5. Sony Japan is working on it

Bloodborne 2
The last of us 2

All will launch with Ps5 with death stranding coming March of 2020

Shenmue 3 will be delayed to launch alongside ps5

Latest is days gone might be delayed indefinitely to launch in 2020 on Ps5. For what they are trying to do ps4 isn't letting them do it

Biggest game to have rebooted and benefited so much is dreams it's no longer a ps4 game. Trust me when people see dreams during gameplay demo reveal Jaws will be dropped below the floor. It will put MM on the AAA map

Sony and Kojima have a 3 game deal and don't be surprised if death stranding doesn't get a sequel. He is thinking about doing 3 new IP's while Sony has given him the freedom to pick any of their IP's he wants to work on. Death stranding on ps4 will look inferior to Ps5 because it was never intended as a ps4 title. If delayed it may not even come to ps4

Siren is something he is looking into

Please font believe anything I am saying soon Ps5 reveal invitations will start going out to gaming media. Event will be held in New York

Mark cerny is once again leading the charge and he has been going around asking for developers feedback. Ps5 dev kits been with big publishers for a while now

Don't worry knack 3 isn't happening

NarutoFox2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )


"Sony bend recently added another team so they have 2"

I guess I can still hope for a new Syphon Filter

"Ps5 will be coming out in 2nd week of November for $449. 11-12 TF with 16GB GDDR5 ram and recently it was decided that system will have separate ram do that whole 16GB will be available to developers"

I don't think the PS5 will have GDDR5 when GDDR6 is out now.

Sevir2049d ago

Honestly I think think the next Acquisition will be Quantic... They've had a pretty great relationship, their games have all sold well and David Cage has expressed wanting to be first party. I have a feeling they'll announce something closer to PS5 release

UltraNova2049d ago


Dare I ask where did you come up with what has to be the biggest next gen leak info blowout in Sony's history?

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foster4262050d ago

Great video.
Can't wait to see what new games you censor

2050d ago Replies(3)
trooper_2050d ago

Stop your nonsense.

Like seriously.

UCForce2050d ago

Oh really ? Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part 2 and Days Gone are mature games. More importantly, you should ask why Japan censoring realistic violence video game of Western game ? Japan Game is no innocent. Imagine if Nintendo made a dark, gritty and realistic violence video game for the first time ? Japan Game would censored violence part.

Gazondaily2050d ago

Interesting that Sony does that now. Clearly Sony is feeling the heat that it feels it needs to get the message out.

Still, Sony can be relaxed as well because of the pedigree of its studios and it's position in the industry. But things are hotting up, albeit more for next gen.

gangsta_red2050d ago

Definitely somewhat suspicious as it comes at a time when a lot of focus and chatter is on MS buying studios

Also with Sony being stationed in Cali this could also mean they're going to start focusing on hiring even more talent or expanding their studios even further in preparation for the next gen.

Interesting times sir.

subtenko2050d ago

You have no idea whats going on. I'll tell you, its big what Sony is doing. You'll see.

Gazondaily2050d ago

Insider info? Or you just guessing? (Which is fine if you are)

gangsta_red2050d ago

I want to know too! Share some of that juicy info with the rest of the class!

Kribwalker2050d ago

*grabs popcorn* can’t wait to hear this big news, competition is great for the whole industry, pushes each company to be better, so whatever they have, hopefully it continues to move the industry forward

Rude-ro2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

“Feeling the heat” 😂😂
Let’s wait for an actual product. Not many buy into words anymore septic.... after 8 years of not delivering, only a select few still cling on to anything Xbox related.
And they seem like they get paid to do so

Razzer2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago ) is a recruiting video. Why is the timing of a video highlighting gaming careers at Sony signify any sort of "heat". You are putting too much into something that is really very common and benign.

Sony does stuff like this all the time.

NarutoFox2050d ago

I have to agree. One of the funniest comments I have read on here.

Razzer2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Well.....posters like Septic are obviously not interested in talking about the video as far as what it really is. That is not his purpose here. I think we all know what that is.

Outside_ofthe_Box2048d ago

LOL, funny how he just ignores this comment.

Funny thing is if the roles were reversed he'd be poking fun at how sony fans are crying "conspiracy" lmao

Atticus_finch2050d ago

You green boys try to blow up Xbox at any chance hahaha.
"Feeling the heat" Dead bodies don't generate heat. This Generation is over, Sony won and is full steam ahead to the next gen.
Xbox acquiring studios just now shows how many years behind Sony they are.

gangsta_red2050d ago

"Xbox acquiring studios just now shows how many years behind Sony they are."

Actually it shows just how serious they are with providing content for Game Pass. They're going to need an abundance of studios if they want to make GP a success with content.