This Simple PlayStation Classic Hack Unlocks A Hidden Menu

Ever since the PlayStation Classic was revealed, gamers have been hoping that it’d be hackable. Whilst we’re not quite at that point yet, a YouTuber has figured out that you can plug in a keyboard (Logitech and Cortec apparently) to the USB port, press escape and access a bunch of hidden menu options.

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XxExacutionerxX1821d ago

Leave it to hackers to make the PlayStation classic much better than the company who makes it

Tross1820d ago

Agreed. Sony should have made it themselves instead of outsourcing it. If they dabble again in the plug and play market they shouldn't use whoever made this system again.

Lionalliance1821d ago

Can't decide if this was intentional or not.

Teflon021821d ago

That's definitely intentional. Sony always leaves a simple access to advance settings for repair purposes. Settings would have real options outside of emu stuff otherwise. I'm only getting though if they mod it. I'll only want if I can add what I want and use a Dual Shock 3 control for specific titles etc.

kevnb1821d ago

Still not buying this junk.

shinoff21831820d ago

Care to elaborate why not, especially if it gets hacked.

Master of Unlocking1820d ago

I wonder what the size of the internal storage is. If it's only like 8GB, there's only a few PS1 titles people will be able to add on that thing once it's fully jailbroken.


Unity Software to cut 3.8% of staff in 'company reset'

Videogame software provider Unity Software will eliminate 265 jobs or 3.8% of its global workforce and end an agreement with a digital video effects company founded by the "Lord of the Rings" director as part of a "reset," the company said on Tuesday.

ROCKY2811h ago

Ubi is soft and there executive group is trash

BeHunted6h ago

This has nothing to do with Ubisoft

shadowknight20311h ago

The percentage is lower compared to recent layoffs we been hearing. But still 265 jobs is quite a number.

Chocoburger8h ago

The executives make obviously terrible decisions, then their profits drop, and it's the work force that suffers because of it.

RaidenBlack7h ago

Unity has announced a round of layoffs and the closure of Weta Digital, after it decided to end its agreement with Peter Jackson's Weta FX. The layoffs will impact 265 employees, a total of 3.8% of its workforce, Reuters reports.

Back in December 2021, Unity acquired a part of Peter Jackson's Weta Digital, including "Weta Digital's tools, pipeline, technology, and engineering talent" in a deal worth $1.625 billion. The remainder of Weta Digital remained under Jackson's ownership and rebranded to Weta FX, with the company maintaining an agreement to use Weta Digital's tools and services.

Now, Unity says it has terminated the professional services part of this agreement, which will result in the layoffs of 265 employees involved in the agreement. Weta FX issued a statement to FX Guide, saying it would be looking to re-hire as much of the Weta Digital team as possible. Unity will retain ownership of the tools it acquired, and they will remain readily available for Weta FX to use.

RhinoGamer881h ago

I worked at Unity, super smart...super woke. John was a piece of old school work...how he survived so long is a mystery.


Gamescom Comes To Brazil

This is some very interesting music. gamescom, the biggest gaming event in the world, is starting a new event in Latin America. From June 26th to 30th, gamescom latam is going to take place in São Paulo, Brazil, providing a unique opportunity for gaming fans and for the digital entertainment industry.


10 Biggest Game Industry Disappointments of 2023

While the games themselves made it one of the best years ever, the game industry itself was just a whole other level of disappointing in 2023.

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VivaChe9h ago

How about the death of E3? That used to be one of the year's gaming highlights, now gone.

DeusFever3h ago

My number 1 is crappy a.i. written clickbait articles from suspect gaming “news” sites.