Fallout 76 Review - Without a Doubt, The Worst Fallout Game to Date | GameCloud

Patrick Waring at GameCloud writes: "Fallout 76 is broken, not just on a technical level but by its very nature. It doesn’t challenge its players as they work towards their goals, it actively hinders them with bad design. It took the worst elements of Fallout 4 and even a few of the good ones that it diluted into their most basic forms and made an entire game around them. It wanted to have its cake and eat it too, being built like one of the single-player RPGs but with a veneer of multiplayer design and ended up being atrocious in either capacity. And then yes, it’s technically broken in the literal sense, boasting not just the “classic” Bethesda bugs, but an entire swathe of new issues that make it borderline unplayable. This wouldn’t just take a bunch of patching to fix, it would take a Final Fantasy XIV style rebuild to salvage. Fallout 76 is, without a doubt, the worst Fallout game to date – and I say that having played Brotherhood of Steel."

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fluxmulder731d ago

I think that honor belongs to Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.