Sony UK To Speak With Petition Maker About PS4 Censorship Policies

Back in late October of 2018 a development partner for the Japanese and European branch of Marvelous Entertainment who works for Igrasil Studio, named Yagyu, started a petition in hopes of getting Sony to recognize that the censorship policies that they had in place for the PS4 were disruptive. On December 2, the petitioner stated on a update that he will talk with Sony UK next week to explain why Sony's censorship policy is a bad one.

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CrimsonWing6978d ago

Look, it's simple, just don't censor the game and slap it with an M rating. Let the angry parents get upset with themselves for not regulating what their kid plays or get upset with how said kid retrieved the game.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro78d ago (Edited 78d ago )


I agree 100%.

CrimsonWing6978d ago

Lol, but yea I just don’t get how there can’t be games for all types of gamers. Nothing about these games are explicit so it’s not unreasonable content. Getting so tired of selfish groups of individuals that every kind of media content needs to cater to their preferences.

Just make games for everyone. Don’t like it, don’t play it. Here’s the other thing, censoring these games will not make it to where people who are offended by the content will just up and suddenly play the game. It’s still catered and directed to the same audience, you just now pissed them off by removing things.

rainslacker78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

I wish it were simple. but this is probably more them looking after their interests than it is about protecting the children. They don't want the negativity that sometimes comes along with these kinds of games. Criminal Girls invite got a lot of it back in the day from social media, and some media outlets deciding to make a cause about how it proved men were misogynistic pigs.

Ironically, those things tended to die down after a week or two, and didn't affect Sony, or the consumers at large in the least. But now if they back down, they'll probably invite even more hate from the kinds of people who complained about that content before.

On the plus side though, they'll keep their actual customers happy.

Me, i'd prefer to know the scope of the policy, and what exactly it allows or prohibits. Think of the children, and vague "global standards" is pretty meaningless, since the content that gets banned seems rather regional to Japanese games, many of which don't make it westward, and some which really don't push the line that much. It also seems that the current standard can be implemented at will by Sony, and I have no doubt that many games will be given the go ahead because Sony doesn't want the heat from censoring a big name game...say like GTA.

I doubt this little talk they're having is going to go anywhere. I did sign the petition though. Maybe if there is enough push back, Sony will change its policy, but given the way things go nowadays, I'd assume they're just going to wait for it to blow over. Best we may be able to hope for is that individual devs will keep making mention of it to keep the topic alive for the long term.....but even that I think isn't really going to happen.

blackblades78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Yeah I wanna see the full scope of the policy as well and also think that talking to them would not change anything. Its a 1st start though but we need more devs and players taking a stand to show them we dont like the policy. Complaining in the comment section of sites not gonna help.

rainslacker78d ago

I've complained on Sony's forums as well. I'll buy the games on the Switch if they're censored on PS, and for each one I do, I'll go on Sony's forums and say that I would have preferred to buy it on PS.

blackblades77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Damn well just heard tumblr banning content as well, I wonder whose next.

Dark_Overlord77d ago

I'm going to buy a Switch if Sony keeps this regressive policy and post them a copy of the receipt for every 'lost sale' it results in :)

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Aura754178d ago

The problem is that like any big corporation who holds massive share of a market, they tend to exert even more control. Sony has this misguided notion that us, the consumers, are lost lambs that must be shepherded by Big Brother. The principles of artistic freedom and letting the consumer make his/her own decisions are thrown out the window. Who cares about principles if you make tons of money?

MoonConquistador78d ago

Very succinctly put and great points

JackBNimble77d ago

Just playing devil's advocate....
Has anyone stopped to think for a minute that the ps4 and psn is Sony's platform?
That being said, doesn't Sony have the right to allow what ever content that they feel is appropriate?

I am not advocating censorship by any means but it really is Sony's platform to choose what is or is not available to consumers.

annoyedgamer77d ago

They wont know better, the journalists and "firms" are part of the propaganda machine that make sure our voices are not heard. Anyone who speaks out is labeled an extremist or pedophile.

Veneno77d ago

I think you actually don't understand the reasoning behind this.

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Gamist2dot078d ago

But but but irresponsible parents don't want to be held accountable. Just like those parents who brought their kids to watch the R rated movie Ted. OMFG.

Godmars29078d ago

Not seeing how parents are so poorly informed about game ratings or how game companies can't just put rating/age gates on their games.

Hell, at this point you'd think they could make an app that alerts a parent's phone or email when a kid tries to access a game they shouldn't be playing.

gamer780478d ago

I know, its really quite simple, don't censor, put M rating go about your business and focus on making games or attending or creating conferences. The amount of time this policy has wasted for developers and Sony staff is probably mind boggling. what a waste of manpower and money, only to end up losing sales of games...

whothedog78d ago

I like Valves approach, f trying to censor everything.

Dark_Overlord77d ago

Valve aren't innocent, there is a least one employee who has a vendetta against Visual Novels. I can't remember the name of the game, but despite it being rated 'All Ages' it has been removed twice from steam now for bullshit reasons.

whothedog77d ago

Was this before or after June cause that is when Valve started taking this approach " we've decided that the right approach is to allow everything onto the Steam Store, except for things that we decide are illegal, or straight up trolling"

I am not a VN kind of person but I know they seemed to be hit most by the censorship and now I see a lot more on the store, just wondering if it is still happening at least to some degree.

Link just for stuff

annoyedgamer77d ago

You're expecting big babies, ahem I mean parents discipline children? What kind of extremist are you?


Inzo77d ago

I agree that parents should be checking what they buy their kids but I can assure you that for the most part it is not the parents that are complaining. Feminists like Anita Sarkeesian and activist groups like Polygon and Kotaku have been very vocal about this. Unfortunately Sony seems to be bending the knee to this vocal minority but thats ok because we will make ourselves heard by withholding our money.

Veneno77d ago

I don't believe this is as simple as dealing with angry parents or protecting kids. Sony never gave a lick about that and still don't.

It's about maintaining image. They don't want to have so much adults only content easily accessible on their platform because they don't want to be known as the platform for perverts.

They are the platform holder so they have the prerogative to control their image.

Unfortunately they don't see much reward for taking the risk of allowing adults only content on the platform.

DaDrunkenJester77d ago

I don't typically care for the type of games that are getting censored anyway. They border on pedophilia with all the touching, groping, and sexual innuendos with school children and such...

That being said, I don't agree with censorship in the slightest so let these people ship the game they created. I don't believe that Sony or anyone else besides the child's parents needs to be the one "worrying about the children". Same goes for MT's/Lootboxes. "But what about the children" is such a cop out to ban things that you don't like.

Parents, understand the games your kid is playing. Do a 10 second Google search on it. Set parental locks on accounts so they can't buy these games or MT's/Lootboxes... Do your damn job as a parent.

UltraDSA77d ago

Perfectly said! That's what the rating system is for!

pinkcrocodile7577d ago

Fun fact on this.

Growing up my family weren't well off financially so we were usually late to the party technology wise.

This was at the time before blockbuster video and my youngest brother wanted to pick a video to rent (we had one each) and he pick one with a robot on the front, he was only 6. Me mam took a look and saw a robot and paid for it.

It turned out to be Robocop and she didn't know that an 18 was a thing this was in the 80's.

Suffice to say, me mam came while were watching it and saw the scene where the guy's head exploded on the bonnet of the car (post immersion in toxic waste).

She was about to turn it off but saw we were quietly eating popcorn, so she decided to leave us quiet.

On Topic: It's down to the parents and if they are too stupid to do their own job they shouldn't surprised if their child gets groomed

Hitman076977d ago

AO Label needs to stop being a death sentence. That;s what actually needs to happen.

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XiNatsuDragnel78d ago

Just slap M OR A+ rating and parents get mad

JackBNimble77d ago

What do you know about parenting anyway?

XiNatsuDragnel77d ago

True my dad was a dragon so.... my parenting was complicated

NapalmSanctuary77d ago

@XiNatsuDragnel I feel ya. My dad was a space beast.

THC CELL78d ago

Parants let kids play gta n cod without care in UK all the social media political correctness warriors kids will be playing em too 18+ or not

mcstorm77d ago

It's not just the UK but I do think people take things to far. Also why should some games be for everyone films are not.

Look at films like Ted or team America for an example which people could mistake as a kids film but they are far from it. Would they let there kids watch a porn film? All common sense but we live in a pc world now where people jump all over things just because they can.

AspiringProGenji78d ago

It's PS Japan doing all this censoring, and people here are blaming PS HQ in Cal.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro78d ago

Sony workers at California are forcing Japanese developers to censor their games. They can now do that because Sony headquarters is in California now.

Please investigate these things before commenting.

Japan is not the one doing the censoring, it's US forcing them to.

whothedog78d ago

Sony is in the wrong, when Nintendo isn't censoring but Sony is, there is something wrong.

Still find it funny that violence is ok but show some boobage, watch out!

DJK1NG_Gaming78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

No. Japanese developers have to get approved by US Brance in English

Majinzo77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

California is a nazi farm. Self entitled people being taught to hate everything and question nothing.

I live in California for 28 years and it has gone down hill in the last few years.

Update: Just let me play my games lol

annoyedgamer77d ago

Is the US influence, trust me, I live here. Every word I hear screams US influence. Sony is sensing Japan is moving away from consoles so they want to grasp the US market. Unfortunately CA is full of lunatics and is whispering lies in their ears telling them we all want censored propaganda.

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