Naughty Dog Celebrates the Anniversary of The Last Of Us Part II's Reveal

Two years after the reveal, Naughty Dog compiles some of the best reactions and puts them all together to celebrate The Last Of Us Part II's reveal.

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AspiringProGenji2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

My same reaction when I saw the firefly logo. The Last of Us IP was a masterpiece and became a phenomenon with its very first game release. The love and the reactions say it all. The internet will blow up when this game comes out. Can't wait

KickSpinFilter2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

How about a 2020 TLOU2/PS5 bundle simultaneous release. Would wreck everything!!

mkis0072000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

I think it would give ps5 the same attatch rate botw gave switch.

sampsonon2000d ago

sony already said the game is a ps4 title. t will however be re-released on the ps5 for sure.

sampsonon2000d ago

@mkis007: "I think it would give ps5 the same attatch rate botw gave switch."

please don't mention that game in the presents of this soon to be masterpiece.


Hardiman2000d ago

Yeah that would be a master stroke! With games like TLOU2, Ghosts and Death Stranding in the pipeline it'd be a perfect way to cap off a gen and start another! I really hope this is the route they go.

2000d ago
KickSpinFilter2000d ago

Days Gone Dev also said their game is going to come out before TLOU2 so who knows?
But that sure would be a crowded "Zombie Like" fest 2019 year. So just feel TLOU2 has moved to 2020.

BTW is that you D-Man?

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jonny8972000d ago

It shows how talented they are

VenomUK2000d ago

Celebrating the anniversary of a game reveal - that’s a new one!

I await the 3 year anniversary of the reveal of FIFA 19 or Fallout ‘76.

ArchangelMike2001d ago

So there's no PSX this year, but when are we going to get the next Last of Us 2 trailer? PSX2019? Does that mean the game releases in 2020?

PavelBHunter2001d ago

I have feeling that we'll see something at TGA

Eltortugagames2000d ago

Well so much for that wishful thinking

sampsonon2000d ago

hope there won't be another one. 1. because the game speaks for ts self 2. i would really love to go into this without more info than we already have. and 3. because as much as i would like to can't stop myself from watching trailers/gameplay.

same goes for the rest of the remaining ps4 exclusives coming out next year.

GOD! sony s going to go out with a BANG! with the ps4.

then the ps5 wll be released and people would be foolish not to buy t.

sprinterboy2000d ago

Game awards release date and trailer imo

KickSpinFilter2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

Sayin it now... a 2020 TLOU2/PS5 bundle simultaneous release. BOOM!! BOOM!! BOOM!!

2001d ago
PhoenixUp2001d ago

Looking forward to this next year

pody2000d ago

Don't get your hopes up.