Is Miyamoto out of touch with gamers?

Sarcastic Gamer breaks down a few recent quotes from Nintendo's Miyamoto and asks a burning question. Is the legendary game maker losing touch with the audience that made him a gaming superstar?

From the article: "I was struck by one little gem in the article that set off my "Who are you kidding?" alarm.

'Even now we're seeing that with a game like Wii Music. While there are so-called casual gamers who are enjoying the game very much, there are so-called core gamers who have become very big fans. --Miyamoto'

What kind of "core" gamer is going to get anything more than a passing giggle out of flailing their arms to recreate Nintendo game themes or the 1812 Overture? "

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Imallvol74269d ago

I think Japan in GENERAL is out of touch with today's gamers. Other developers are surpassing them by leaps and bounds. They need to step their game up!

Little Big Planet from Europe, Gears of War 2 and Resistance from America, Fallout from America, Prince of Persia from Canada, etc. etc. Where are the must have Japanese games?

Xander-RKoS4269d ago

Of course, you would think a Japanese company would be more in touch with Japanese gamers right and Western developers be in more touch with western gamers.

You can't just generalize "gamers" into a nice little demographic of clones, everyone is different.

I like Bioshock, Half-Life 2, Super Smash Bros, and Wii Music while I dislike Tekken, Halo 3, and Rock Band (and still one tolerable with Guitar Hero) and I'm sure there is someone out there with a list exactly opposite of mine.

Like I said, all gamers are different.

ChickeyCantor4268d ago

Epic post is epic.
Have a bubble

kesvalk4268d ago

Xander, you are absolutely right

heck my favorite games are smash bros, fallout AND harvest moon...

and yea i don't like rock band or GH much, just like god of war...

Tarasque4268d ago

Sure all gamers are different to a degree, but alot of them have the same taste and thoughts on games. And being that wii music has fallen flat on its head just shows you not all gamers are different, people know crap when they see it and people know a good game when they see it.

Utalkin2me4268d ago

I don't care what they do now, i sold my wii and i will never buy another one.

B-Rein4268d ago

yeh same i sold mine to, ill only buy 1 if a REAL game comes out on it thats good that has a good story like and a non absurd gameplay

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Max Power4268d ago

if he thinks hardcore gamers are going to purches wii music he is a couple sandwiches away from a picnic. I don't really think casuals will pick up that game, in the commercial that i saw they played the Mario theme, but it barely sounded like it. you think parents and grandparents know what that song is?

ChickeyCantor4268d ago

Like that got anything to do with it.
It will sell simply because people find fun in the Wii titles, and if you havn't noticed Wii-music = Wii franchise.

Btw about core gamers not buying this?
If Xander( above your post) says what is true, then he already shot a hole in your argument.

Max Power4268d ago

its not going to sell any where near the numbers of all of the wii titles.

ape0074268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

your out of out of time

please mr.myamotto,a new starfox game

ChickeyCantor4268d ago

Even if he is out of touch, he still creates quality software( yes i consider Wii-music quality, i took time to understand it ).

As long he keeps making his traditional games like Mario and Zelda, F-zero and all those other titles i'm not worried.

He did say he will make these games more accessible, but hey thats what he tried with every game he made.

If he is out of touch, good for him...I'm not going to be all b/tchy about it because his next traditional title will be full of quality anyway.

In the mean time ill be playing lots of other games.

SaiyanFury4268d ago

One of the problems is that he keeps making Mario and Zelda games. How about Miyamoto-san step out of the mold and try to make something that can appeal to core gamers outside the Nintendo stables. I used to be a big fan of Nintendo's stuff, but then they went off in their own direction and completely lost me, a core gamer. Have been for over 20 years now, and if Nintendo continues on their path to attract the casuals, I'll never spend another cent on a new Nintendo property.

PotNoodle4268d ago

This once gaming legend is now a freakin' nut job.

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