Patrick Redding teases followers with message of WB LA visit

WB Montreal possibly teases the newest Batman game.

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Krussail6d ago

Really hope this is true.. Fingers crossed for TGA

Abash6d ago

The article has a tweet with them saying they wont be at the TGAs

criticalkare6d ago

WB says that too? I thought it was rocksteady

Abash6d ago

Both Rocksteady and WB Montreal will not be announcing anything at the TGAs

lollord6d ago

I thought Arkham origins was great, so I hope this is good.

unknownhero11236d ago

I'm gonna be in the minority on this for sure but i rather play as another DC hero besides batman(unless it's batman beyond). Batman had his time to shine, let someone else take the spotlight. I guess it's not Suicide Squad at least.

CorndogBurglar6d ago

The actual Suicide Squad would be a great game! Just as long as it isn't whatever that nonsense movie was supposed to be.

CobraKai6d ago

I agree. Love Batman, but he’s not the only DC hero there is.

princejb1345d ago

but hes the most popular dc hero

Dark_Knightmare26d ago

A suicide squad game having nothing to do with the movie could be great. I would also really like to get a sinister six game but I know that will never happen

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meka26116d ago

Ah yes, let's just keep making super hero games for the same heroes over and over. I love the arkham games and the new spiderman game, but there are tons of other heroes that deserve the same treatment. Imo we don't need another batman game.

Blade926d ago

Yes in YOUR opinion. I need at least one more batman game. I started playing all the Arkham games in order again. Need at least one more.

meka26116d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Four great batman games isn't enough?? Well 2 and 1/2.

CyberRekkr6d ago

Batman sales and he is the most popular, Plus Batman world is so much more interesting than Superman or the other DC Heroes.

wheatley6d ago

Considering how much time has passed and hearing of all of the cancelled projects WB games have tried to make in the meantime with DC heroes, I would rather have another Batman game now to tide me over for these companies to nail another franchise.

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