EA Appears to Mock Battlefield V ‘Genderfield’ Community Complaints Through the Game’s Launch Party

An image from the game’s launch event in Sweden has surfaced on Reddit which shows various negative quotes from the community about the inclusion of female characters in the game, and it appears that EA is trying to use the negativity around Battlefield V as a marketing tool.

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Gardenia50d ago

We as gamers have to let the developers and publishers know we don't take that bs trend of SJW, LGBT and feminism forced into games. I don't have a problem playing Lara in Tomb Raider because that's how it should be. But a WW2 game were there are just as much women and black man as white, does not make sense. And that has nothing to do with discrimination or racism.

CDbiggen50d ago

Tfw when you play and enjoy a ton of games as actual strong, not forced, female protagonists and still get labeled a misogynist incel when you merely suggest this may be pandering.

ProLogY50d ago

But it’s a WW2 game that set out to tell lesser known ‘War stories.’ Women and black men did fight in WW2, not as much, but it verifiably happened. With that in mind it does make sense..

What’s the problem with having one of the four War Stories with a female protagonist?

Or are you upset that they put a character creator in the online mode and let people choose their gender and race?

pinkcrocodile7550d ago

Totally agree with the Feminism and SJW argument from both the left and right sides of politics. That includes religion.

As with comedy, there is nothing that you cannot make fun of and that includes, anyone who believes in things that are not real (religion / schizophrenics), feminists, SJW of both the left and right of politics.

However I have a BIG problem with the women in WWII fighting on the front line. If this is the new norm, we should make a movie about the suffragettes staring Samuel L Jackson.

Lynda McCartney will be spinning in her hemp-weave death basket.

CyberRekkr50d ago

I agree!, I like accuracy in historical games.

Aither50d ago

ProLogY, the Battlefield V game didn't tell about the women who were in the Russian sniper squad, nor the French Resistance fighters. What it did was literally rewrite history regarding a squad of Norwegian commandos replacing it instead with a story about a girl and her mother. So, if you had said that BFV takes historical events that actually happened and molested them to fit a SJW BS narrative, you would've been more accurate.

BadElf50d ago


ANd whats wrong with having a sexual, cleavage showing, badass woman...all in one?

frostypants50d ago

I personally don't care. It's not like BFV is remotely historically accurate otherwise. It has real gameplay issues which are the actual problem.

salmonade50d ago

Aloy is a female fighting warrior battling robotic dinosaurs and no one cared that she was female because it didn't matter. Female, or male, the story made sense. As you said, you can't FORCE diversity in games, it has to come across naturally and it has to make sense. I don't give a crap that Ellie from the Last Of Us is a Lesbian because it was her character all along from the first game. But when companies like EA try to make a female be a battle-hardened American soldier or whatever fighting in historic WW2, thats just cheesy bullcrap. I hate EA, they just have no clue about anything. They're all boardrooms and management. Creative control is stifled or influenced by suits, and it's so bloody obvious.

kreate50d ago

If the women were hotter or showed some boobs, I would totally play it.

81BX50d ago

Oh stop your crying. You kids are out of control.

Eonjay50d ago

Battlefield is not historically accurate from the jump. It is fantasy. People claiming historical inaccuracy don't like to admit that. If you are upset about inclusion, you are going to have to admit that even if we excluded everyone, the game still wouldn't be historically accurate.

Amphille49d ago

You absolute muppet. Its not ment to be used in history lessons. Did you cry a lot when the Hellriegel gun was in Battlefield 1. That gun never saw the frontline either.

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Cyfyxtfg50d ago

i would mock them too, gamers are so entitled its crazy. i understand your community supports you and your game but its their art to portray however they feel. whats the issue with my daughter being able to play as a woman in battlefield. if you care about accuracy, go play a ww2 sim game. not a mass appeal EA shooter. people always take things too far. EA is usualy wrong but not about this.

jmac5350d ago

Totally agree. I'm just glad the toxic little simpletons aren't playing the game because they probably wouldn't even be playing the objective anyways.

pinkcrocodile7550d ago

@jmac53 Toxic? What on earth are you on about? Are you assuming all males who play Battlefield V are HIV+?

That's despicable if that's the case. If however you are suggesting that being a man is toxic, then I will insist you provide evidence and by evidence I mean actual provable facts and not things like

"My best friends, ski instructors, down-syndrome mechanics, favourite bookshop manager (whose a woman) was [email protected] by a man in VR so therefore we live in a [email protected] culture"

I'd love to know!

KillZallthebeast50d ago

You're right we only buy their games for 60$ so we should let them jerk us around

2pacalypsenow50d ago


I think it’s the other way around because no one plays the objective or does their job. Everyone plays like it’s tdm.

kreate50d ago

Yup. Developers should totally cram their social/political views in their games and portray it as art.

Gamers are so entitled it's crazy!

They told gamers either accept it, or don't buy it! So gamers didn't buy.

Gamers didn't get to enjoy the type of game they were hoping for, and the developers didn't make money.

I guess it works out?

81BX50d ago

No! This game is 100% accurate. From respawns to everyone being a killing machine. We don't need no stinking girls /s

FTANK50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

You mean its "entitlement" to call out indoctrination and overinundation identity politics shit when we see it coming at the same time all over with the same stinking talking points. This is the same reason why TV ratings are shit. Why nobody trusts the news. Why hollywood is tanking. And they're going to put gaming in the exact same slump. And seriously...what "mass appeal" when sales are lower and they aliented parts of their core demographic and then doubled, then tripled, then quadrupled-down on trying to rub our nose in it.
Its not the consumer thats toxic- it's the brainwashed wannabe Marxists creating the content. They arent just toxic- they're a carcinogen

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SharnOfTheDEAD50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

When you think your fiction is somehow more interesting than historic fact you deserve egg on your face. The Telemark mission is a fucking insult to the Norwegian and British Soldiers that fought and died there. Portraying the Special Boat Service is dishonourable criminals is crazy...

Launching your game and holding back content to then pretend it's a free dlc for your loyal gamers is idiotic. Developing a WW2 game and not feature any of the major iconic battles or weapons is insane. Releasing 2 maps in 5 months is poor, even a practice range wasn't ready for launch. The Premium pass actually offered more value and content. Making Bombers so powerful that can take out your tanks right at the start of the game, genius. Making the Medic Class useless, iconic.

This game is poor. It should have been better, having a woman on the front cover is a far cry from the actual issues this joke of a game has. People can go ahead and defend it all they want, but why settle for mediocrity?

50d ago
Aither50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

N4GSINCEBEGINNING, it's called rewriting history. Ever heard of that?

Surely someone as educated and woke as you should've known about a certain group who once rewrote history to claim themselves to be a master race. You may have heard of them, they were called Nazis.

Activemessiah50d ago

That grave they keep digging for themselves is getting deeper...

sander970250d ago

They actually didn't learn a thing, Jesus Christ they are deep into their bubble world...

SierraGuy50d ago

They're so stupid I'll never buy anything EA anymore.

Talk about adding fuel to the fire.

Goldenhawk52149d ago

5 EA executives downvoted your comment

Majinzo50d ago

I stopped back in 2011 after what they did to fifa. They are greedy and evil!

SolidGamerX50d ago

Yeah but when they're busy pandering and catering to feminist SJW's its hard for them to see just how deep that grave is getting, mainly its because they have their head so far up their.............

TekoIie49d ago

It's not quite that bad. It's more like they're trying to smother their own child after they hear it saying a naughty word. Battlefield will die if they keep this up and in case they havent noticed EA tends to be very trigger happy when it comes to shutting down studios when they begin to have sales problems.

If they lose their biggest franchise what does DICE have left? Battlefront maybe? But if that struggles like the last then what? Bye bye DICE. And no one will care because they've had this self righteous attitude. If DICE wants to pretend they're fighting this sort of non existent battle then let them. No one will be there when they really need help.

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bluefox75550d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Yeah, attack your customers. Worked out great last time, eh? I haven't bought an EA product in a long time, and I intend to keep it that way.

sampsonon50d ago

you don't get it, they don't want you as a customer. they are ok with 10% of the community not buying the game. same for me, this way i don't have to mute you A- hoolees all the time when I'm playing

isa_scout50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Physical sales are WAY down, a 63% overall decline to be precise. That's far more than 10%. EA is in the business of making money, they've never been at the forefront of social issues. The ONLY reason they joined in fighting social issues is to endear themselves to a wider base(the female audience). In the process they forgot about their target demographic;young men and teenagers who wanted a game about a war that was fought predominantly by young men and teenagers. No one really complained about COD WW2 when it had black female nazis because Activision didn't make a big deal about it. EA made the mistake of marketing the game as historically accurate while at the same time heavily featuring a white female amputee British soldier in its trailers, and then calling out their fanbase when we collectively said,"Wait, what?". The devs don't even really know what BF5 is.

sampsonon50d ago

@isa_scout: there are no official numbers released. so please stop and wait until the NPD is released. didn't need to read the rest of the garbage you typed.

"63% overall decline to be precise" show me real proof please. not just some junk article with an agenda. waiting....

SenorFartCushion50d ago


Sales are down? No shi*t, this year has been packed and every AAA game on 4k consoles are services rather than complete experiences. How many multiple-year-spanning first person shooters do you think people want to play during their day?

It has nothing to do with anti-sjw virgins, it's to do with the amount of competition.

LiznA50d ago

Lowest sales for a battlefield this gen and at the end of a cycle. Ya they should keep pissing off the fans. Working great for them.

TomatoDragon50d ago

The game was on sale a week after release. The preorders numbers were weak. Open your eyes. The game is underperforming big time.

Aither50d ago

SenorFartCushion, using the good 'ol AAA excuse. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is not some unknown game being released against heavy hitters. Battlefield is a AAA franchise and your reasoning is not a good excuse for it's bad sales numbers. EA is sinking, and DICE becoming a woke subsidiary of the company is just an anchor that is helping to pull it under.

JLynn94350d ago

Amen. Fewer obnoxious people works for me.

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FunAndGun50d ago

You are not a customer, so why should they care?

Hungryalpaca50d ago

The point is to get more customers not push potential ones away

2pacalypsenow50d ago

And that’s why you’re not running a company...

SierraGuy50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

If they wanted to release a game more open to females fine...but why force it to be WW2 era...just stupid.

And weird.

Gh05t50d ago

You say that like battlefield doesn't have a "V" after it. Like this is the first game they ever made. Not a customer... Full of crap I bet most of us have purchased their games.

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Smokehouse50d ago

It’s just like Hollywood, they will make that one movie you want to see so they can fund all of their agendized garbage you don’t want to see.

Eonjay50d ago

That sounds like a conspiracy. I assure you they make movies to make money for the sake of making money.

Smokehouse49d ago

It’s not a conspiracy. Hollywood is heavily political and heavily subsidized by the federal government.

Eonjay50d ago

If you haven't bought a product from them in a long time, then you quite literally aren't a customer and you can't be under attack. I am saying that you aren't a victim. That's a good thing.

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annoyedgamer50d ago

Honestly why are people only now angry with EA? They have been anti-consumer for YEARS. This is nothing new. If you are shocked by EAs behavior you have only yourself to blame. Especially the "bros" who won't stop buying Madden and FIFA, EA's bottom line.

sampsonon50d ago

adding women to a game in anti consumer?lol

GROW THE F up already. stop acting like entitled brats. the world owes you nothing. buy the game or not, it doesn't matter to the majority of people that just wants to sit back and play a game.

garos8250d ago

it was never about them adding a woman to the game you pathetic cretin.

Keep regurgitating the garbage mass media tells you.

Im glad this crap game didnt sell well, maybe companies will start learning once their bottom lines are hit

Bobafret50d ago

Maybe some, like myself, find it unsettling to hear a woman groan, grunt, and writhe in agony when I get shot. Not to mention the outright lies they are telling in the single player stories.

ziggurcat50d ago


"it was never about them adding a woman to the game..."

it has always been about that, actually.

annoyedgamer50d ago

EA thanks you for believing their deflection.

LiznA50d ago

Said by virgin SenorFartCushion

2pacalypsenow50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

No one cares that they added women, it’s the facts that they made it the main selling point of a WW2 game, the cover art is an female soldier... I mean why not make a WNBA game and put a male coach in the cover?

Imalwaysright50d ago


"the cover art is an female soldier"

And? Guys like you, to me sound like the whiny oversensitive sjws that get offended at everything because to them is all about feelings and the facts be damned. Portraying women in a WW2 game is historically accurate which is what people like you claim to be their banner so what's your problem with the cover art?

Rachel_Alucard50d ago

"Adding women is anti consumer"

You could not create a bigger strawman then that statement. No wonder EA and the media feed it to you guys as ammo so much.

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SenorFartCushion50d ago

The water has come to a boil and a large portion of consumers are now old/woke enough to understand that they're being milked.

Also: an EA Exec may as well be the President of The US/Prime Minister of The UK, now; the world has naturally grown to be anti-establishment.

SolidGamerX50d ago

"only now angry"

you must be new here, lol

Eonjay49d ago

Because the new wave is claiming victimhood if you are a straight white male. The legitimate stuff is basically ignored. EA is an evil company but not for what this article claims. Surely if people fight for uncensored "fake" child porn in games we can accept blacks/women everything else. What we can't accept is games being replaced with gambling and services.

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stefd7550d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Sorry but why is having women on the battlefield not historical accuracy, i know for a fact that there were some women fighting on the front lines during WW2, or am i missing something ?

william_cade50d ago

I think it was the prosthetic and cricket bat. I suppose no woman lost an arm during the war or played cricket.

Really, it just came from people feeling like they have been forced to do shit their whole lives and EA is a great target because they are scumbags.

Parasyte50d ago

The thing about her prosthetic arm is, it was actually a period accurate design.

william_cade50d ago

@Parastyle but did they play cricket? XD

sampsonon50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

it a fact that they had prosthetic like that at that time. holy F, why are people so stupid?

ziggurcat50d ago


you mean the same kind of prosthetic arm like this one from the 1940's: ?