Kingdom Heart 3 File Size on Xbox One Revealed

Kingdom Hearts III is less than two months away and Xbox have updated their listing of the digital version of the game to reveal the file size!

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PhoenixUp1525d ago

I’m surprised it fits comfortably between the file sizes of the remastered collections

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 is 45.74GB
Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is 29.63GB
Kingdom Hearts 3 is apparently 35.81GB

TheColbertinator1525d ago

Welcome to Xbox. Kingdom Hearts has found a true home

ThatOneRiggaNob1525d ago

Can't wait to play this!!!!!!

Tross1524d ago

I wonder how XB1 players are going to follow the story of this one, assuming it builds on the ongoing story from the previous games?

TheHan1524d ago

Most people who are fans of it already know the story even if it’s just now coming to Xbox. Soon the other remasters will follow

TheHan1524d ago

It’s a must buy for me