Achievement Unlocked: The American Dream

The Game Reviews: "What is the American Dream? It is a belief that through hard work and freedom, a person can do anything he or she sets his or her mind to. It is the ideal that while motivations, cultures, and religions vary, anyone can succeed in whatever they chose. It is the sacrifice of time, money, and life to believe that anyone can attempt the impossible, and do the improbable. Quite simply, it is whatever you want it to be.

So, it is a fairly easy task to define the American Dream, but is it still attainable? If you asked that question a year ago, a number of people might have given you a different answer. Given the latest global, economic, and political turmoil, many feel the idea of the American Dream is waning. There is hope though. The dream has made it through world wars, and global depressions, and I am here to convince you it is alive and well. That is, it's still attainable; you just need to enjoy gaming.

I present to you, five ways to achieve the American Dream through the latest releases in video games."

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cain1414267d ago

GTA is probably one of the best examples of the classic "American Dream"

ihaten4glol4267d ago

I agree, GTA feels like a sort of "second life" where you can try to play by the rules or become a full-scale criminal. I always loved the game for that.

ThePimpOfSound4267d ago

It's an interesting theory, but there is a sort of unspoken irony to it. If we're to believe that the American Dream is dead, then video games are merely an escape from this reality. Indeed, the only way to still achieve the American Dream is to fantasize.

cain1414267d ago

Irony at it's best...

A bunch of regular old biff lowmans...

Nick27284267d ago

I think it was always so, to be honest. People did, and still do, read books about people more wealthy and leaving more glamorous lives then they did. Video games are just a more graphical robust version of that coupled with a save feature which we could all make use of in real life.