Miyamoto: Hardcore gamers will play Wii Music too

With Wii Music, those who do not find the game appealing will not be convinced otherwise at this point. Generally speaking, it seems as though most hardcore gamers will be staying away from the title. Shigeru Miyamoto, however, believes that there are some core gamers out there who will be attracted to what Wii Music brings to the table...

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FBl4280d ago

No thanks,I'll stick to Metroid Prime 3

Lord Shuhei Yoshida4279d ago

I still rather play No More Heroes

ChickeyCantor4279d ago


Just for your information, MP3 is not a Miyamoto game.

ape0074280d ago (Edited 4280d ago )

hardcore gamers will play ps3\360 instead of wii


maybe a hardcore will play it for like 20 minutes and then leave it

mr.miyamotto you should tell us about the new zelda or mario games,or talk about the conduit since nintendo is the publisher

Homicide4279d ago

I agree. Hardcore gamers will be too busy playing Gears of War 2, Resistance 2, Fable 2, Mirror's Edge and etc.

dro4279d ago

im a hardcore gamer and i will NEVER play wii music or buy the wii...(-_-)..... PS360 FTW !!!

The Matrix4279d ago

I thought Japanese people were supposed to be smart...

Muddyalcapones4279d ago

I think all the 360 and PS3 fans should stop fighting with each other and just be glad that their consoles haven't sold them out for the casual crowd. Nintendo's recent disregard for myself and others who grew up loving them makes me so sad.

Bubble Buddy4279d ago

I wouldn't. Who's actually GOING to play Wii Music?

Shoko4279d ago

Lol. So I guess your saying the Wii has no hardcore games? My friend, you couldn't be further from the truth.

dexterwang4279d ago

Agreed... hardcore gamers will try it, laugh at it and let it collect dust... most of Wii's games fail to capture my attention for more then 20 minutes cept a couple of titles...

Looking back, I can't believe I got so excited to play the wii and stood in line for 8 hrs starting midnight to grab one... good job losing the hardcore fans nintendo

facepalm4279d ago

^-^ I played Wii Music!!... For one song before I got tired of it.

It's a hit when you're totally slammed though...

-GametimeUK-4279d ago

including kojima...

Hardcore players play the ninty wii... like me... Metroid Prime3, Smash Bros, Resi4, Zelda and lets not forget the BEST GAME THIS GEN!


yeah hardcore gamers will play all the consoles... but I dont think hardcore players will play wii music (well not many at least)

Mini Mario4279d ago

"I thought Japanese people were supposed to be smart... "

oh yeh because there not making money or anything. Yep ur the smart one.

Mini Mario4279d ago

"2.1 - The Matrix
lol...every country has dumb people, its natural....!!! XD"

lol that is SO true. ;-)

SL1M DADDY4279d ago

Purchasing Wii Music never even crossed my mind. Sorry...

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Rockstar4280d ago

No they won't

That game looks ridiculous.

Why would a hardcore gamer play that crap when they have GH4 or RB2 to choose from.

This game is for kiddies plain and simple.

dro4279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )

lol...every country has dumb people, its natural....!!! XD

CrippleH4279d ago


This game is an insult to hardcore gaming.

theEnemy4279d ago

She should have said "Hardcore gamers can play Wii Music too"..

But no, he pick the over-confident card and looked like an idiot.

Wii Music is a joke.

*Goes back to RB2*

JonahNL4279d ago

I'd rather burn my Wii, eat my Wii games and shove my Zapper up my own arse before I'll ever play Wii Music! Got it, Miyamoto?

Mr Fancy Pants4279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )


here take one bubble for that funny comment. ;-)

TheMART4279d ago

Hell no I won't.

What do they smoke these days in Japan???