Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for December 2018 any good?

Carlos writes: "For gamers, this year has already brought us enough wallet-wiping adventures to last a life time, but there is always one thing that can make all those expenses feel a little easier – quality free games!

With that in mind, it’s time to dive into the latest Games With Gold titles that we’ll be receiving in December 2018 to see just how good or bad they are, and whilst they may not quite match up to last month’s incredible offerings on first glance, there is still plenty of fun to be had in the run up to Christmas with titles that are sure to surprise those who jump in."

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TheColbertinator935d ago

Mercenaries is always fun. A tribute to the bygone days of the brilliant gaming studio Pandemic.

lxeasy935d ago

Currently playing Qube 2. So far I like it, reminds of Portal.

coolastheycome935d ago

I actually like Dragon Age 2. Isabella is one of my favorite and is a character I wish they would bring back in a new dragon age game

CaptainOmega935d ago

Never Alone is a simplistic side scrolling puzzle platformer. I like it.

Cobra951935d ago

Hmm. An incentive to turn on my Xbox, get that fan to blow out some of the accumulated dust.

PhantomS42935d ago

Mercenaries certainly is but I don't know anything about the XBO titles. Dragon Age 2 was utter garbage though, a mission statement to how shallow Bioware would be in developing games from that point forward.

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