Nintendo applies new trademark for The Last Story and Wii, new entry incoming?

Nintendo Japan has been actively trademarking several IPs in the past few days, one of them being The Last Story.

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TheColbertinator788d ago

Maybe remasters of The Last Story and Pandoras Tower will arrive on Switch if Nintendo bestows upon us blessings.

EraGamer787d ago

I remember watching a walkthrough for The Last Story one time, has some definitely likable characters in imo

kevnb787d ago (Edited 787d ago )

if you play the last story on dolphin with a higher render resolution it actually hold up really well, I expect a quick port rendered at higher resolution. They will probably call it an hd version, its hard to call something a "remaster" just becaue they changed configuration settings...

PhoenixUp788d ago

I played throught this game this year

Wished Mistwalker would release more console games

FallenAngel1984787d ago

The other titles in Operation Rainfall need to have their legacies live on

Sirk7x786d ago

I wish for Xenoblade Chronicles HD every single day.

PhantomS42787d ago

The Last Story on Switch, please! That game is high underrated and as much as I loved Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii I liked The Last Story a little more.

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The story is too old to be commented.