Best Cheap PS4 Games & Deals Online for the Week - Battlefield V, Nier: Automata & More

Here's a round up of the week's best PS4 game deals online! Battlefield V, Hitman 2, Nioh, and lots more at super low prices.

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro868d ago

I really should get around to playing Near A Tomato.

Jls1868d ago (Edited 868d ago )

Nier automata was my goty last year, sold it after getting the platinum. Im tempted to buy it again, had to sell it to get my god of war ps4 pro. Need to hear this again

excaliburps868d ago

Is it really that good? Haven't tried it yet.

Jls1867d ago

Worth every penny imo

BLow868d ago

Went to Best Buy and Nier is $40. Am I missing something or is it too late to get it for $20?

Jls1868d ago

yep found out its too late