Massively: One Shots: A favorite first faction ship

There's nothing quite as thrilling as seeing a cool piece of gear, then targeting in on it and achieving it. It's those kinds of rewards that keep many playing games; from fancy mounts and vanity pets to gear and titles. Today's EVE Online One Shots is of just such an item, and comes from Massively's staff writer James Egan. James included the following story about this image for them: "This is a Daredevil, a pirate faction ship from the Angel Cartel in EVE Online. In my first days in EVE, I caught sight of one of these aggressive-looking frigates and just had to have it. As a 3-day-old noob, it was a lofty goal at the time. I suppose it was anticlimactic when I obtained one shortly thereafter, that goal being nowhere near as lofty as I'd envisioned, but it's still a valued part of my collection. It also represents the first major bit of gear I lusted after in an MMO."

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