Avatar: Pandora Uprising is Ubisoft's Next Big Title

20th-century fox trademarks Avatar: Pandora Rising for use in video games.

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ibrake4naps51d ago

I remember playing the last one in 3d. Was good for a movie license game.

CyrusLemont51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Next gen is going to be something else, I don’t think people quite understand the scope and dynamics of the worlds we’re going to see. Expect Avatar, Borderlands 3, Rocksteady, Avengers, Beyond Good and Evil 2, GTA VI, Sony, all the new Microsoft exclusives and more to just absolutely blow you away.

The golden age is coming.

Zenbaby36950d ago

Not to be cynical..but isn't the kind of the whole point of a "next gen"? I get what you're saying, but it's borderline redundant? :(

boing151d ago

Next big title for mobile.