Not All THQ Nordic IPs Will Receive Sequels, Publisher Says

THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors said that fans shouldn’t expect to see sequels from every one of THQ Nordic’s over 100 IPs. “Out of the more than 100 IPs we own, you shouldn’t expect sequels from all of them because not all IPs are relevant any more,” said Wingefors.

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blackblades2007d ago

Maybe a poll so we can pick which ones gets a sequel.

AK912007d ago

Off the top of my head I just want a proper Red Faction Guerilla sequel and more Darksiders games.

porkChop2007d ago

Yeah I was really disappointed with the direction of Armageddon. I just wanted a sequel in the style of Guerilla, even if it had a different story.

Gwiz2006d ago

While not a bad game,i'm somewhat disappointed with DS3 as it's not that great.
(I realize it's a miracle it even released I just hope when a 4th and probably last entry in the series drops it will be an epic conclusion)

AK912006d ago

I doubt the 4th will be the last especially since lore wise DS3 didn’t effect the overall story just more of an introduction to Fury and I think 4 will do the same with Strife.

Gwiz2006d ago

It's all going to depend on sales of this game (DS3)

LandoCalrissiano2007d ago

Well, yeah. With 55 titles being worked on I doubt another 55 will be developed immediately after with every one being a sequel.

Skuletor2007d ago

A Red Faction reboot or remaster that returns to its FPS roots is something I've been wanting for a long time. I figure we're more likely to get another third person game if we get another one though.

Kados2006d ago

They should just start with a full remake of the original Red Faction.

Titan Quest II needs to happen also.

Majin-vegeta2007d ago

Looks like Destroy all humans womt happen

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Steam Account Transfer Via Will on Death is Not Permitted, Valve Confirms

In case you were curious, a Steam account transfer via will is not permitted according to an official response from Valve.

anast1d 16h ago

The games are theirs. People just pay to ride the ride.

Skuletor23h ago

Would be nice if the article's writer looked into and reported whether other digital game libraries could be transferred over via will (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, EGS, EA app, GOG, Ubisoft Connect, Rockstar Launcher etc) instead of this half-baked piece but it's probably the same for all of them anyway

Kornholic23h ago

This seems like a way bigger issue than mandatory PSN account linking for PlayStation games.

So where is the outcry?

Skuletor22h ago

It's not like PlayStation is doing any different.

"You may not sell, buy, trade, or transfer your Online ID, Account or any personal access to PSN Services through any means or method, including by use of web sites."

Kornholic3h ago

So you are that saying Steam is being very anti consumer with its policies. That's why I'm so baffled by the lack of outcry from the PC audience.

NotoriousWhiz22h ago(Edited 22h ago)

It's not like your account just stops working when you die. Include your email, account id, and password in the will (including the password to your email) and your survivors should have no problem using your games.

anast20h ago

PC gamers are a different lot. They don't mind renting their games forever, they don't mind spending money on overpriced equipment, and they don't mind fiddling with settings for hours before they even play the game, but linking a PSN account demands a riot. This is hard to understand, but then again, we all have to draw our lines somewhere.

Skuletor19h ago

You sure talk a lot of nonsense.Go look up the percentage of digital sales compared to physical sales of PS5 games, then tell me again about "renting" games.