Tina Guo Reveals New God Of War Video

Musician Tina Guo has revealed her new cover, track, and video for her God of War track on her new album.

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Saladin4161264d ago it just me or does it look like she is furiously masturbating....oh it's just me, ok ill leave...

Garethvk1264d ago

File that under wishful thinking.

jelloaceomega1263d ago

Now that you said that, maybe I'm doing things wrong my entire life.

annoyedgamer1264d ago

Reminds of the good old days of God of War.

1264d ago
Omnisonne1264d ago

I remember Dream Theater doing a track for God of War III, that shit was fire.

NapalmSanctuary1264d ago

Just checked it out. I had no idea that it existed. Its always good to hear new Portnoy DT material.

SickSinceSix1264d ago

Fun fact: "Raw Dog" is the last song officially recorded and released by Dream Theater with former drummer Mike Portnoy before quitting the band.

There was a 7 track album that came out with the Ultimate Editions of the game, each track is by different artists though.

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