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Rob Pitt writes: There are very few games out there which would suit a rhythmic game based around their soundtrack. The Persona franchise is perfect for this immortalisation as their soundtracks have all been incredibly memorable and so catchy you’ll find yourself humming and singing them long after you’ve stopped playing.

The Persona 3 and 5 Endless Night Collection comes in two variations, the PS4 and the PS Vita editions. The main difference being that the PS4 version contains a remastered download of Persona 4: Dancing All Night, a game which was previously exclusive to the PS Vita.

So, whether you’re a Persona fan or new to the franchise – if you enjoy rhythmic games such as Hatsune Miku, Rock Band, FF Theatrhytm, or even Osu, you need to check these games out.

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Nerdmaster1031d ago

Having previously played Persona 4: Dancing All Night on Vita, I was excited for the Persona 3 and Persona 5 versions. That is, until I found out they don't have story modes. The music in this games is good but not fantastic to warrant a rhythm game. The draw of P4 was exactly its story mode, that was interesting, long, and made up for the low quantity of songs. Without a story mode, the low quantity of songs become an even bigger problem for P3 and P5.

Maybe I'll buy them only when they get deep discounts.

MusashiBlack1031d ago

Like $60 for all three games 😂

DarXyde1031d ago

Dancing All Night had a pretty healthy amount of content. I still play it often on Vita.

The story mode was awful in my opinion. Played it once and never again.

P5 has a grand soundtrack, so that would be the one I would enjoy.

rob-GP1028d ago

I like the fact 4 has a story to it as it gives the game more of a purpose as you work your way through it. However, the story isn't the greatest and it's quite long - borderline a mini visual novel with various song/dancing segments.

The two new ones basically get you into the action faster but you've basically heard all 25/26 songs within around 1.5-2 hours. The draw is that the songs are enjoyable to play along to and it's a fun game to just pick up and interact with via your favourite songs.

It's like Theatrhytm and Hatsune Miku Future Tone - Basically a list of great songs to play along with in Arcade mode. The difference there is that both of those games had a lot more songs upon release - Hatsune Miku has over 200 from what I can remember.