To License or Not to License

Loot Ninja writes:

"We've all seen the news on Midway this past week. Basically, Midway has mutually agreed to get out of a number of licensing agreements. Is this a good thing? In my humble opinion, hell yes. I'm tired of seeing franchises churn out the same game just with a +1 on the end."

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drunkpandas4271d ago

To me, it depends, If we get solid titles, sure. But crappy movie-based game after crappy movie-based game and the like puts a bad taste in everyone’s mouth

fiercescuba4271d ago

Ironman = amazing movie. Ironman game = amazing letdown.

drunkpandas4271d ago

Yeah great point. Another case of licensing gone wrong.

greyishfox4271d ago

Don't really need to see any more High School Musical games, but it has proven to work well for sports games.. Madden anyone?

Lelouch V Brit4271d ago

Who care about License or Midway? The last games of Midway were flop. Area 51, Iron man etc......

greyishfox4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

@Lelouch V Brit
Have you actually read the article? It's not about just Midway and their license agreements. And we already stated Iron Man wasn't that great.

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drunkpandas4271d ago

I think everyone loved the Shrek 3 game and the latest Harry Potter game. There's some obvious places where licensing goes wrong.