“Millions Are Playing Fallout 76, And Playing It A Lot,” Says Bethesda

Bethesda states that Fallout 76 is doing great, despite the media and internet backlash.

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yarbie10002054d ago

Bethesda claims sales are phenomenal.
No proof is required for these claims.
It's called PR.

parris2054d ago

I don't even like the game and I would love to see it fail and Bethesda get sued for false advertising over the bag thing. But I don't know why anyone would doubt it sold millions, It's a Fallout game. The masses of causal gamer who just buy games based on how many TV commercials they see and just buy the same franchises over and over are going to buy this based on name alone.

You make a FIFA it's going to sell, make Call of Duty it's going to sell make Battlefield it's going to sell.

People get all angry on the internet and review bomb ect. but that doesn't stop the games from selling millions. The only difference is a game might only sell 4 million instead of 5 million.

ArchangelMike2054d ago

You make a valid point; however to the investors the difference between 4 million unit and 5 million units sold equates to approximately $60million in profits (assuming the game cost $60 at retail). Furthermore for a game like Fallout76 that is built around the GaaSA model, the long term sales projection is what drives initial investment. I'm pretty sure Fallout76 won't meet it's sales projections, the game is just generating the wrong type of bad press.

Look at what happened to BFV ass and example, launch sales are good, and millions are playing teh game right now. However in the UK, sales are down by 50% of BF1 sales. That equates to millions of dollars - maybe even 100's of millions of dollars in the long run. That's definately going to hurt the investors.

darthv722054d ago

Curious but why would you want to see something fail that you have no interest in? That just seems rather petty instead of simply moving on to something that you do find appealing.

Wishing some sort of ill will on someone or something is unhealthy. As for those who buy it, again why does that matter to you what they spend their money on?

Ricegum2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )


Because it'll encourage other developers to become lazy and put out rubbish thinking they'll get away with it.

It needs to be shut down, like EA's Star Wars and Microsoft's Always Online.

cooperdnizzle2054d ago

@darth. Maybe because games like these are bad for the industry so he wants to see this one type of game fail. I buy the games I like and anyone who wants to buy this it’s fine, it’s just not right when the publisher tries to trick you into buying the game. Casuals don’t know the whole story behind it. Trust me though it catches up to developers in the long run. I’ll set back and watch as should you.

Wishing ill will on something that is wrong is complety fine. He’s not doing it to someone personal and he’s not even attacking Bethesda. He is living in the now saying that this piticular thing is wrong. You are the one defending something

UltraNova2054d ago


This is not the early 2000s. A long time gamer and a present day one will eventually see what it going on online, this is the Online era, not the long gone TV/magazine one.

For further info look up Mass Effect Andromeda.

Tapani2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )


You speak business, but you do not understand business. There is no $60 million profit in 1 million copies for anyone. Almost half of the revenue goes to publisher, then a chunk to a retailer or service provider, after that a smaller chunk to developer and so on. You need to learn the difference between money making and cost of sales (cogs), essentially revenue and profit to even understand the basics.

Rachel_Alucard2054d ago

Reminder Zenimax's board of directors is literally the legion of doom. http://imgur.com/gallery/3Y...

parris2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

What I was saying wasn't is 5 million more than 4 million... obviously I understand that. The article and other people in the comments seem surprised that "millions of people are playing it". I am saying put a big name in the title and the game will sell millions regardless of controversy.

You guys bring up things like Andromeda and BFV ect. But even if the game sells half as much as the previous installment (50% of 10 million is still 5 million) it's still going to be profitable, perhaps less profitable than a company might want but it's still going to make money. "Not meeting investors expectations" doesn't mean your losing money.

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Utakata2054d ago

Millions of people ARE in fact playing FO76. Bethesda earns milk and cookies whether you like it or not. The N4G forum think they can affect the game industry and direct the trends, but in fact the world doesn’t even know N4G exists. The world knows Bethesda exists though, sorry, but that’s the truth. Now weep all you arm chair developers. Also, grab a cold yesterday’s pizza slice from the fridge and read some real material. Thanks.

Eonjay2054d ago

They should be ashamed if true.

PapaBop2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Sure.. Bethesda | Millions is logged in right now

*edit* crap someone beat me to the joke :(

neutralgamer19922054d ago

Instead of talking they should work hard to fix all the things. No man sky did it so Bethesda with a much bigger team and budget can surly do it

First admit there are issues don't hide behind the PR. Bethesda us a privately owned company they don't have to appease to investors like EA and Activision

DreadGara2053d ago

I don't think Bathesda Fallout 76 server can handle a million players at once, It will crash and the game will be broken for good.
So yeah, that's a plain lie.

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Chaosdreams2054d ago

One second. Let me just pick you up, yep one second Bethesda, hold on. Okay. There you go.

In the dumpster alongside EA.

annoyedgamer2054d ago

The EA employees on here didn't like that.

PapaBop2054d ago

You know, I hate having to go there as someone who hates EA more than Bethesda but.. not even EA would do this. Sure they've released unplayable messes but at least those unplayable messes were from ambition (Battlefield 3) as opposed to just being a half baked product like Fallout 76.

frostypants2054d ago

And BF3 wound up being awesome. I doubt this will.

LordoftheCritics2053d ago

BF3 was not an unplayable mess.

In fact it was the best multiplayer in the series.

Adexus2053d ago

Man I loved BF3 even from the Alpha where people turned into slugs... BF4 on the other hand was pretty broken at launch but still turned into something decent.

Bethesda publish incredible titles like Dishonored but the actual games they develop are becoming a bit hit and miss for me.

Sgt_Slaughter2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

How about they focus on compensating those who bought their broken product or misleading special edition before bragging about a factless claim? They're about to lose a ton of money from refunds and fines from the FTC.

Also, if it's doing great and millions are playing, why did it immediately get a $20-30 discount shortly after release? They contradict themselves with every statement. Everyone can see through their lies and finally are giving the backlash that was needed previously, so they would finally fix their dinosaur engine and decade-old bugs.

JackBNimble2054d ago

I don't know, black Friday sale maybe... Lol