How To Unlock Every 'Guitar Hero: World Tour' Song Right Away

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Are you tired of bringing home a new music game, inviting friends to rock and discovering most of the good songs have to be unlocked?

"Guitar Hero: World Tour" - like every music game before it - is no different. But the developers have been generous enough to also include cheat codes!"

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Adamalicious4279d ago

Every GH game has had this cheat - though this is the probably easiest one to enter thus far.

ynneknimajneb4279d ago

A guitar hero game with cheat codes!?!?!? That has to be the most innovating idea ever! Games with cheat codes, never saw it coming.

JustinSaneV24279d ago

Have you not noticed that a lot of games this gen have not had cheat codes? And the ones that do have them you have to pay to "unlock" them?