Putting Nintendo Switch’s 8.2 million US Switch Sales In Context

Ars Technica writes: "We wanted to figure out just how those sales stack up to the competition. So we tracked down some numbers for past consoles for comparison. As you can see, the Switch's US sales pace puts it in some pretty elite company."

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FallenAngel1984925d ago

Switch is not a console to be trifled with

Felix_Argyle_Catbro925d ago

I don't know... I mean... it does have Labo...

925d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

It's even more amazing that so many people bash Switch for its ports, while conveniently forgetting that the other two consoles also relied on them a lot early in life, and still get their fair share of them.
Not pointing fingers, but this feels like another case of "its only bad when Nintendo does it" from those kinds of clowns.
Ports aren't a negative.
Especially Wii U ports, since many of them weren't given the sales they deserved due to the Wii U's sales/unpopularity, and needed this second chance.

princejb134925d ago

I would love more ports. I didn’t play any Wii U games even though some of them looked really good. Just didn’t think the Wii U was worth it but I love the switch

Shiken925d ago (Edited 925d ago )


It also has more exclusives (quality and quantity) in less than 2 years than the X1 and PS4 did in their entire first 2.

Food for thought.

Neonridr925d ago

@L7CHAPEL - yes but in the gaming community, rarely do we say that something that sells well is not a success. Look at the Vita, look at the Wii U. Do we classify those as failures or successes? Likewise with the DS and PS2.

CorndogBurglar925d ago

Labo is not the system. It's totally optional. It has nothing to do with the Switch being great.

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kevnb925d ago

I love the switch so far, it doesn't replace the ps4/xbox one but compliments them.

Shiken925d ago

Depends on how you look at it. For me my PS4 Pro compliments my Switch. Due to portability, I play far more on my Switch than I do my PS4. However I also got the plat in God of War, Played Horizon to death, picked up Red Dead 2, and beat Persona 5 this year.

So for me, Switch is my main and PS4 has become my side console. This will vary from person to person though depending on their lifestyle.

Neonridr925d ago

agreed, my PS4 and Switch compliment each other VERY nicely.

Adnanilyas21925d ago

I use the Switch as my primary console. As i dont have the time to invest in another console, Switch is perfect 1st and 3rd party exclusives, third parties and plenty of ports which i have missed

Nintentional924d ago

It’s been weeks since I’ve moved into my new house, and I haven’t even bothered to plug in/find my PS4 pro. Thinking about selling it for money to buy a sweet acoustic guitar, because all I ever play now is my Switch.

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blawren4925d ago

I'm a Nintendo guy for the most part, but publishing this article without PS4 numbers is kind of pointless. It has to be on this list, right?

kevnb925d ago

It doesnt have to be compared to the ps4, but it could be.

blawren4925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

The article says they couldn't find PS4 data and for people to let them know if they find any. Why even publish without the best selling console on the market right now even in the discussion?

"We weren't able to find US or North America-specific numbers for the PS4 or Xbox One; if you know where they can be found, please pass them along and we'll update."

kevnb925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

@blawren4 because the data shown is perfectly fine to show how the switch is doing, even if the ps4 sold twice as much the switch is still doing fantastic. It’s hard to find exact sales numbers for the first 20 months of the ps4s life even though I’m sure it sold quite well and possibly more than the switch, but the world doesn’t revolve around the ps4.

drunkenspy007925d ago

too bad mine collects dust these days

ZeekQuattro925d ago

Maybe don't buy systems that have zero games that interest you. That's your own fault for not understanding that. Lol

drunkenspy007925d ago

Maybe don't make assumptions that make you look like such an ass. I wouldn't have bought it if it didn't have some exclusive games to play. After those games are done, there's not much to do on it. If it's a AAA game that's not an exclusive, it's going to play better on another system.

deafdani924d ago

I bought mine at launch, and played the shit out of Zelda BOTW, Mario Odyssey and especially Splatoon 2.

But this year it has collected dust because the exclusives released for it so far haven't interested me (though admittedly I still have Xenoblade Chronicles 2 pending from last year, and its expansion, so there's that).

It'll get use again for sure from my part once Smash comes out.

Elda925d ago

That's a shame. The very reason why I didn't buy one out the gate knowing it would now be collecting dust.