Xbox Game Pass adding: The Gardens Between, Mutant Year Zero, and Strange Brigade.

If the 16 games announced at X018 were not enough, Microsoft is adding three more to the Xbox Game Pass catalog over the coming week, starting with The Gardens Between on November 29, Mutant Year Zero on December 4, and Strange Brigade on December 6.

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gangsta_red617d ago

Mutant Year Zero, anything Xcom like is a definite plus. And on Game Pass also? Hells yeah!

slavish0617d ago

Damn i may have to get game pass

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HexxedAvenger617d ago

I just started looking at MYZ, looks good. and looks Game Pass worthy. Can't wait to get my X1x!

DaveZero616d ago (Edited 616d ago )

Not played any of them, that strange brigade looks like it's worth a play through.

Game pass just keeps getting better, it's already value for money.

timotim616d ago

On Game Pass?!?! This is amazing news!

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