Gaming under the gun -- again

Globe & Mail game reporter rebukes the current Canadian media frenzy that has cited a game as the potential reason for the disappearance of of an Ontario teen. From the story:

"The question I'm interested in is games are being called out as somehow special in their addictive properties. It seems to me that excessive game playing is merely one more means by which our propensity to obsess presents itself. Unhealthy passions and fixations are everywhere, from the model builder who regularly stays up until the wee hours of the morning assembling and painting planes, boats, and rockets, stumbling bleary-eyed to work the next morning, to the Bay Street executive whose obsession with his career causes him to consistently put in 60-hour work weeks at the expense of his family.

Indeed, obsession is an issue worth recognizing, understanding, and, when necessary, treating. But it rubs me the wrong way when games are called out as being a particularly notorious offender, labelled addictive, and likened to narcotics that give rise to physical dependence."

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