5 Years Of Adventure | PS4

In just five years, you’ve scaled mountains, taken down giant beasts, faced your biggest fears and become the hero of countless adventures.

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kltpzyxm869d ago

My favorite game this gen. I both hope and fear for a sequel, considering I'm not a big fan of the Dark Souls sequels, so I fear it could end up like that. But I still want more Bloodborne.

HaveSumNuts869d ago

I'm still here wishing Sekiro was Bloodborne 2. Sekiro does look amazing though but dear oh dear Gerhman needs to join the hunt

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nucky64868d ago

i was skeptical of sekiro at first - but it's looking like a fun game.

bluefox755869d ago

They have to be working on it. There's no way Sony wouldn't have this in the works already.

PhantomS42869d ago

That's what we all said about Demon's Souls 2 especially after Dark Souls hit mainstream audiences and Demon's Souls was still highly popular and generally considered the best of those games.

frostypants869d ago (Edited 869d ago )

Had to think about it for a bit but I think I agree. Only game I've put as much time in this gen is Rocket League.

kevnb869d ago

I wonder how many quit soon after, its actually hardest at the start.

Skankinruby869d ago (Edited 869d ago )

Not for me it wasn't, I got a decent rhythm down and finally figured out the core elements to progress but I finally got up to several bosses I just couldn't shake. (Martyr Logarius, The One Reborn, Ebrietas)

dumahim869d ago

I couldn't find a way to get out of the gated area outside the first house, so I quit.

ILostMyMind869d ago

I gave up on the first boss. And I platinum it later.

Double_O_Revan869d ago

I really wonder have many DEATHS that equates out to.

goldwyncq869d ago

For people who've never played a Souls game before perhaps. Hardest area in the game is the Unseen Village by far.

kevnb869d ago

By the time I got there I was getting pretty good at the game. Even after playing souls games it takes me a few hours to get good again.

william_cade869d ago

Ludwig on Ng+ is crazy hard and Father G hahahaha and he's the first main boss.

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_FantasmA_869d ago

Just finished it for the first time a few days ago. 8/10. Great but definitely overrated and not perfect like everyone says. It's my first Souls-type game, though I did download and play Demons Souls back in the day when it was on + and I played it for about 2 days but had to delete it cause I didn't have alot of room on my internal HD. I'm going back to Demons once I finish NG+ on BB.

CaptainOmega869d ago

I know it’s not a 10/10... but the game is in the low 90’s on metacritic. To call it ‘overrated’ is a bad opinion.

_FantasmA_869d ago

The reason it may be overrated is because From Software had Demons Souls and Dark Souls 1 and 2 on their resume and made fanboys out of people so they couldn't see any flaws in Bloodborne. You make it seem like my 8/10 is a 1.5/10.

CaptainOmega869d ago

“you make it seem like my 8/10 is a 1.5/10”

lol. I’m doing no such thing.

Zeke68869d ago

It's not a 10/10 game, it's a 11/10 in my opinion !! :) I platinumed almost 70 games on the PS4 but Bloodborne will forever have a very special place in my gamingheart, that's for sure. Game Of The Generation for me !!!

kevnb869d ago

‘Overrated’ is what people say when they don’t like something other people like.

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RememberThe357869d ago

I agree. It's by no means the perfect game people try to frame it as. That said, I'm glad so many people got to play it. It reminded me of DMC on PS2; the darkness and the tight gameplay make the formula so easy to get lost in even when you're getting your ass kicked for hours. Classic game for sure.

william_cade869d ago (Edited 869d ago )

hahaha - yeah right. It's one of the few games that critics and gamers both agree on. Not overrated in the slightest. It's a great game and deserves all the hype that it still gets.

XtaZ869d ago

What killed Bloodborne for me was the low framerate, stupid long load times and the absolutely horrendous forced chromatic aberration filter that made the entire game look like shit.

AspiringProGenji869d ago

Haha “looks like shit.” You are a funny one

AspiringProGenji869d ago (Edited 869d ago )

What? So you are saying the excitement for Bloodborne was unwarranted because of From Soft’s record? Bloodborne is a masterpiece and it is not perfect, certainly not as perfect as your imaginary “fanboys” are making you believe. No one says “”Bloodborne is a flawless game,” but overall it’s a solid game so excuse us mister. We rather enjoy the game than nitckpiking and making non gamebteaking issues ruin our experience

_FantasmA_857d ago

There's many videos on Bloodborne being a masterpiece. I struggle to find videos where they can objectively critique the game. Maybe it's because I owe no allegiance to any developer or game franchise, that I can point out it's flaws. I'm almost done with NG+ and the game is even easier than the first playthrough. Still an 8/10. And you can close you eyes and give it 12/10 if you want and pretend it's perfect if you'd like. And yes, you sound like a fanboy, you seem upset with with my score. Oh well.

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