Ubisoft Canada wants to grow player count to 200 million by 2025

The company, whose Canadian headquarters – and largest Canadian office – is in Montreal says it sees an opportunity for massive growth as the video game market changes.

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Godmars290625d ago

There's wanting something, expecting it to such degree its taken for granted, then there's earning it. Such as with a product of offering something of quality.

anonymousfan624d ago

Lately they have been putting out more quality than some other AAA publishers such as Bethesda, Activison and EA (that last one was not hard to beat).

2pacalypsenow625d ago

They plan on doing this with their generic open world game formula?

bigmalky624d ago

Sounds like a shareholder demand. Try making your games must have quality and you might get there.

624d ago
BlackDoomAx624d ago

Franck dis leur de m'embaucher ! xD

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