Devil May Cry 5 Collector's Edition revealed for North America

Amazon listings have revealed a $120 Collector’s Edition for Devil May Cry 5 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One) in North America.

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Jinryo617d ago

I was hoping for something more badass than... a van replica.

PhantomS42616d ago

Seriously. Statue of Dante on the motorcycle or Dante holding Rebellion or Ebony and Ivory...something more exciting.

Segata616d ago

Remember the plastic easter egg infinity stones?

PhantomS42616d ago

The only thing I really want out of that is the cloth print, maybe the trunk case depending on its size. Also, does anyone else find it horribly sad these collector's editions have to state that it comes with the game? If I'm spending $120 on all this it better damn well come with the game.

Seraphim616d ago

you'd be surprised how many people bought the Dark Souls 3 Collectors Edition Strategy Guide and complained that it didn't come with the game LMFAO.

I get it though, yes it should go w/o saying that when purchasing a Collectors/Limited Edition of a game that the game itself is also included. Or when purchasing a Collectors/Limited Edition Strategy Guide that the game doesn't come with it.

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